Restore GroupWise system from tape and connect to a live GroupWise system

HI We had a server crash Netware 6.5 that was running GroupWise 6.5 sp5
We barely had any backups, and the earliest one we have is from 1 year ago which has the ofuser/ofmsg and domain directories, system directory.

We had rebuilt the server and start a brand new Groupise system, same email addresses... users.... but no email from the past...

Now these users are complaining they need access to all there old emails/contacts......

So I have found a tape from 1 year ago, and have restored it to my 2000 Server temp. directory.

How can I "merge" the restored directories into the live system???

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ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Part of the difficulty will be that the FIDs are all different, since you started fresh.

I don't think putting the restored directories on Windoze will help much, and I'm not aware of any merge function you'll be able to use.

The GroupWise message store is all organized by FID, not email address, so you'd probably have to set up a parallel, disconnected environment so each mailbox can be logged into, the user's mailbox contents archived (including calendar, etc.), use a FID editor to change the FID of that archive to their current FID, then place that archive somewhere accessible to the user so they can open it from their current client, un-archive it all, open their current archive, and re-archive it.  User-by-user.

PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ugh. This will be a mess.

Your best bet is the GroupWise Restore area. It's complex, but it will allow you the best change of easily a completely recovering the data from a year ago. Its better if you read the docs and then come back here with specific questions. The GroupWise v6.5 documentation is at -->

The Restore Area, in particular, is discussed here -->

Alternatively, you could get the old GroupWise system running and enable IMAP access. Users could configure their GroupWise client to natively login to the new system, and then access the old message stores over IMAP. They could then moves messages from the old one to the new one. The trouble here is that it's a high-overhead arrangement and you lose a lot of information in the transfer. The Restore Area is better for preserving information integrity.
floyd99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In addition to what has already been said -

Depends how many users we're talking. Consdering you had no backups, I'm going to assume it's a small environment.

ShineOn's suggestion of archiving, FID editor, and unarchiving would work.  The FID editor should be available on the noell filefinder - it's old (was written for groupwise 5.5) but still works on GW 6 and 7.

Have fun. Whichever way you choose, it's going to be a pain.
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