PLEASE HELP! - Linksys WRT54G – NOT Retaining Security Settings

26OCT2006 @ 1015

Linksys WRT54G – NOT Retaining Security Settings

I have been trying to setup a router for my neighbor.  It’s less than 30 days old and we can connect to it.  The problem is when I attempt to tighten it up with the various security tweaks.

She originally ran the setup util on the cd and didn’t tell me… I spent an hour trying to get into the thing because I didn’t realize that she had already changed the admin password.  Which brings me to another point… I am UNABLE to return the to factory defaults (where the user is blank and the password is admin).

When attempting to secure the wireless connection, I am able to assign the mac address restrictions where only two specific macs are allowed in. but when I take it any further (such as trying to select WEP or WPA) it simply will not let me.  I can change the settings and hit save only to be defaulted back to a disabled setting.

As another point of interest, I wanted to use DHCP but allow only 4 ip’s to be available.  The starting ip was going to be thru but as soon as I hit save settings, it reverts back to with a minimum of 30 connections.  I used because the modem was defaulted to

This router is running the latest firmware available from the Linksys website – According the listing it’s WRT54G v6 but when it was applied it bump the version number from v1.0 to v1.10 as displayed on the router status page (when connecting via the web browser).

Btw, I have pushed the reset button on the back (which clear “my” personal Linksys routers at home) of the router and it does not reset factory defaults but I have NOT selected factory defaults inside the browser setup utility.  I feared I would lose access completely so I didn’t make that change yet.

Any suggestion and / or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Rich
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BigRicky, the firewall suggested I made is a feasible solution.  I've done it many times.  You are wasting time by not trying it.
Gareth GudgerCommented:
I read one paragraph of this to be honest.If you can't even return the device to factory defaults I would seriously question the router. You might have a lemon. Return it.
"This router is running the latest firmware available from the Linksys website – According the listing it’s WRT54G v6 but when it was applied it bump the version number from v1.0 to v1.10"
Either you posted the wrong hardware or you downloaded the wrong firmware...I just downloaded the latest drivers because my linksys was not retaining the dhcp setting (after a power outage)....

from linksys

"Product:                WRT54G

Classification:         Firmware Release History

Firmware  Date:            04/27/2006

Release Date:           05/25/2006

Last Firmware Version: 4.30.5"

Make sure that you reset the router completely if not reset to factory default you will not be able to fix this issue. well you can try applying the firmware upgrade and maybe that can fix something...

Please let us know if we got the correct firmware and hardware model
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Disable Windows Firewall then try changing your Security Settings again.  I've seen this many times.  When you try to change a router setting, Windows Firewall prevents the changes from being saved, and often times will disconnect you from the router.
bigrickyAuthor Commented:

Linksys Download Page...

WRT54G V1.0 Wireless-G Broadband Router
WRT54G V1.1 Wireless-G Broadband Router
WRT54G V2.0 Wireless-G Broadband Router
WRT54G V2.2 Wireless-G Broadband Router
WRT54G V3.0 Wireless-G Broadband Router
WRT54G V3.1 Wireless-G Broadband Router
WRT54G V4.0 Wireless-G Broadband Router
WRT54G V5.0 Wireless-G Broadband Router
WRT54G V6.0 Wireless-G Broadband Router  <---------------  This is the one I chose?  Shouldn't this be the latest & greatest?
I believe those are different versions of the router itself....different models.  Check the bottom of your router and see which Version you have, then click one of those that corresponds with it, and it will give you a list of firmwares to download.  I still say try the firewall thing I suggested first.
bigrickyAuthor Commented:
rut roh... I just assumed v6 was the latest
what ctrost said is correct you have to look at the version on the bottom of the router it says that is
WRT54G V6.0 Wireless-G Broadband Router then you downloaded the correct firmware if is not a v6.0 then you need to download the correct version of the firmware but its recommended that you reset your reouter and do the firmware update
Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
you might find you have to hold the reset button in for 10 seconds... just pushing them in doesn't always reset the router... or hold it in and watch the front lights.... they should all cycle....
bigrickyAuthor Commented:
last night I verified that the sticker on the bottom was Version 6 so that leads me to believe I updated the firmware correctly.  I also read the 20 second reset rule and that didn't work either.

she is going to see about returning it today (office max)...  if possible.
bigrickyAuthor Commented:
I must admit, I did NOT read that or I read it incorrectly.  I WILL try it!
Gareth GudgerCommented:
For the record... I stil think its a defective lemon lol.
bigrickyAuthor Commented:
ladies & gentlemen,

   I am happy to report that a) I have managed to get the router back to square one (the factory defaults) and b) it was either by holding the reset button down for 20 plus seconds or just doing so while using "my" work laptop that runs windows 2000 pro (without a firewall).

   I have tweaked the security settings to the best of my ability (I am not a wireless guru like you all) and I am using the PSK2 Personal with the AES encryption.  I am curious though... I have googled "each" of the encryption methods and obviously found that PSK2 Personal / AES was the strongest (except for the PSK2 Enterprise which requires a Radius Server - I must read more about Radius Servers!).  I'm most curious about how to BEST create the AES encryption key.  I was able to use the router to generate this key but it's only about 15-20 characters in length.  Again, I'm not the wireless guy but should that key be 63 (ASCII) or 64 (PlainText)  characters long?  Additionally, PSK2 seems to be a Linksys encryption type... What does Linksys do to brand an "in house" encryption method or am I making an assumption that is not true?

   Finally, I found a little utility that generates AES keys ( Has anyone messed with this one?

   ctrost... thanks for sticking to your beliefs, I would have trashed or exchanged this router otherwise!

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