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I have an Active Directory Domain that users are authenticating to, but we seem to have a problem as during the day, some users no longer are able to view the shared drives (they are prompted for login credentials) and have to log off and then re-log back in to have full access again.

Any thoughts as to what could be causing this? - has anyone ever had anything similar happen to them?
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kadadi_vIT AdminCommented:
I think this is DNS server issue check that DNS server addresses settings in network configuration of that pc (Right click to Local Area Connetion >properties)
Means You are using the internal DNS server so ISP DNs addsses should be in forwarders  and on that desktop  put the IP Address of that internal DNS server to Primary dns address

GOod Luck

Sounds like Kerberos issues.  You might look at .  It helped us solve numerous problems with our AD environments doing some flaky things.
Yves AccadNetwork Security EngineerCommented:
How many Domain controllers are in your domain?
2 primary domains - one has 2 child domains
The 2 primary domains have 4 DC's each, the two child domains have 2 DC's each.

Broken out into 3 sites with the 2 primaries having a GC from the other domains in the site to help replication
Yves AccadNetwork Security EngineerCommented:
On the domain where the problem is. Make sure that all the DC's in that domain are replicating successfully. If repliation is failing that could very well lead to that type of issue.
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