Wanting to save a complete website to my computer using FrontPage. The site resides in an online loaction.

I have a website that I would like to save to a folder on my computer, since I want to either put a copy of this site onto a DVD or otherwise just store it on my computer.  The domain registration & hosting will expire soon, and I wish to have a copy of this site on my system, before it disappears from the World Wide Web.  I cannot use FTP with the hosting server the site is on.  There are several subwebs and images etc. that I would like to transfer as well, that are included in the site.  It would work the best to copy the site to a location on my hard drive, so that I can later just drop it into my new hosting location as is, and have everything working again as it was.
Your help is appreciated.
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Tina ClarkeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your saying you cannot ftp then I presume you have FPSE on the server? That you open the site live and work on it?

Do exactly the samething .. when the site is open in FrontPage  (you don't say what version you have) recalculate hyperlinks under Tools - it may take some time. This will have everything pointing correctly.

Go to File - Publish .... the Remote Web Site properties Dialog box should appear.

You need to browse to the area on your hard drive you wish to save your web to.. normally it's my documents/my webs/name-of-site

You need to make sure All pages is ticked on the last tab that subwebs its ticked and that nothing in optimise tab is ticked (you don't want' anything ticked in there)

When happen press ok....

you then need to publish ... if you made an empty web in preparation before hand and are publishing to that ... everything will proceed... if you did not make  web fp will ask if you want to make one there....

during the course of the publishing you might get asked various things by fp ... usually if you have php or asp pages or web componets in use it will warn you that they won't work on your hd... that's ok....

if anything times out.. change in the remote web properties dialog box... (there is a button near the top of the publish area for that) from all pages to changed pages and keep publishing till both panes of folders and files match .. that includes the files in the folders .. and the subwebs...if you look at the status you can see the files being publishing by name... the end publish should have it saying processing...

When you are happy close the site by going to file - Close site.... then go to file - open site and browse to the location of the web you just made on your hard drive and open it.... if you get another host you will be able to publish from your hd to the server with either http or ftp in the future.

This might help further...it was written for fp02 but will be just as good


hth Tina

beekay60Author Commented:
Thanks a lot for your help.  BTW, I am using FrontPage 2003.  Sorry for not mentioning that earlier.  The steps you gave me had to be tweaked a little bit, but probably because the versions we are working with are different.  For everybody else, these are the steps I took:

- Recalculated Links
- Made a folder to store my website
- Opened the side "live"
- Click on "File"
- Click on "Publish Site"
- Under the "Remote Website" Tab
  - Select "File System"
  - Browse to my store folder
- Under the "Publishing" tab
  - Select "All Page"
  - Select "Include Subwebs"
Click on "OK"

Make sure the "Local to Remote" is selected on bottom right.
Then I clicked on the "Publish Website" button on the bottom right.

The above steps are not to contradict "tinaalice", but to help others with FP 2003!

I hope these steps help some people out.  I was VERY happy that this was a solution to my problem.  Saves me from totally re-vamping my website.

Thanks a lot for you help "tinaalice'
Tina ClarkeCommented:
It's Tina...(see bottom of my posts) I know people don't sign posts but I always do :)

when you browse to your folder fp will automatically select file stystem for you that's why i didn't mention it... the intructions were for fp03 exactly the same as above only more comprehensive ... only the link given was for fp02.

If your local is on the left  pane (where your publishing FROM) and your remote on the right pane (where your publishing to)....  even if your opening the web live ... that's all you need to do  to know where your at.. I find looking at the selections on the bottom right more confusing to explain...if you know where you started from (the web you opened and where it is) all you need to do is make sure of your destination.. that's what should be triple checked.

glad you got it sorted.


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