Priority Queue Implementation

I have to maitain a priority queue in java.

I have a string and a cost associated with the string, the priority queue has to be sorted according to the cost. I am sout suer on how to implement this using the PrirityQueue Class within java.
I am guessing that I have to stroe each object as a Double Dimenstional String where the first location specified the string cost and the second location specifies the string itself. How do I specify to ProiorityQueue to sort the queue by the cost ??

Any suggestions on implementation ??
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hoomanvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Pass objects of this type to PriorityQueue

class StringCost implements Comparable<StringCost> {
    String str;
    int cost;
    public int compareTo(StringCost o) {
        return cost - o.cost;
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a_bAuthor Commented:
I implemented the Comparator but the problem is that it is taking too long during execution. Any suggestions on how to improve the execution time ?? Do I use HashSet ?? Also how do I use HashSet for a Stack ??
a_bAuthor Commented:
Is it possible to sort a hashset ??
HashSet makes no guarantees that the iteration order remains constant over time
Either use LinkedHashSet and put entries in sorted order
Or extract them into a List and sort that list
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