Private blog / forum area, password required to enter?? IS THIS AVAIL? Small organziation needs this.

As you gathered from the title, I am trying to find a free, private blogging / forum area where users must enter a password of some kind to see and post topics or discussions. It is for a collaboration in a small group of less than 15 people. Please let me know if you have any solutions. Thanks!
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zzynxConnect With a Mentor Software engineerCommented:
>> It is for a collaboration in a small group of less than 15 people.
You could use Google's Docs & Spreadsheets? (
periwinkleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Or you could use Google Groups, Yahoo Groups...

Or you could use blogger...
lanehartAuthor Commented:
I think I have found a solution with double password protection. I just hosted a perl script. Thanks.
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lanehartAuthor Commented:
I will just split these between you two for commenting. Thanks.
glad you found a solution that you works for you!  Thanks!
zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
Thanx 4 axxepting
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