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Extend Citrix Server Farm over Wan Link

Maybe this won't be so munch of a Citrix question as to finding a solid Network topology.  Currently we have a Frame Network all remote office connected to our HQ office where we have two MF Presentation 4.0 Servers on W2K3 with one Server Farm configured.  We are looking at changing our Network configuration where we need to reduce the cost of the Frame Lines that we have out to outer offices.  Basically the conceptual design at this time is to have 2 Citrix Server and 2 DC’s with DNS AD integrated in a second office.  What I need to find out is do I create a new Farm for these two new Citrix Servers?  One major requirement is that I need to have certain outer offices connect to these specific servers.  We do not want them to come back to the HQ Office to connect to our Citrix Servers.  Because I know that if we have them on the same Farm that they might connect to one of the servers in HQ just depending on what server is available for a Citrix Connection based on our Load Balancing.  We’ll we have to use Zone Preference Failover in case one of the servers Farms are unavailable?  These are requirements that I think will help us solidify our Network topology.  The Applications that our Citrix Server hosts are vital to everyday processes.

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Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
I have managed Citrix farms for several years. A maximum of 8 in a farm. The only way I know to do this configuration is to create a seperate farm. The only other thing that might work is to configure the two new servers to use a different Citrix XML port than the existing farm uses. I have never tried that, but it may keep the new servers from talking to the existing ones.
You want to create one farm with multiple zones; that is what zones are for.  You configure a zone such as one would configure site links in AD.  You can have zone preference function such that users will always contact servers in their zone and hit the non preferred systems only if the preferred ones are unavailable.  You need site links such to connect them all but this can be accomplished with Internet connections and site to site VPN connections.  Much of this layout is described in the Admin guide.  
The nice thing with PS4 is that, if you need to, you can go with the option of creating a unique farm for each site and connecting them all to a common license server.  The new web licensing is designed for one or multiple farms.  That would be option B IMO.  
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