Windows cannot determine the user or computer name. Return value (14).

On one of my Windows 2000 Server DCs, the event "Windows cannot determine the user or computer name. Return value (14)." with Event ID 1000, Source Userenv shows up about once every few weeks. When the event shows up, the server becomes more and more unresponsive; printer queues, file shares, etc. stop responding (over the network). If the system is not rebooted from the console, it will eventually become completely unresponsive, and a hard reboot is needed.

What can be done to solve this problem?
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Rick HobbsConnect With a Mentor RETIREDCommented:
Move all your FSMO roles and the Global Catalog to another server.  You can then run dcpromo and remove AD from the server.  The only time I usually recommend the DC also be a file server is when SBS is being used and it is a very small business.  Otherwise, storage should be storage and nothing else (if possible :)  $$$).  Once you have removed AD, do another full backup.   The remove it from the domain and re add it.  You should be in business at that point.  If you permissions are messed up at that point, restore the data files and directories from your backup.
Check out the comments at - the 1st one looks promising:

This event occurs in various conditions, the return code providing more details about the problem.

Value 14 (Error code 14) = "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation." - As per Microsoft: "Do one of the following, then retry the operation:
1. reduce the number of running programs
2. remove unwanted files from the disk the Paging File is on and restart the system
3. check the paging file disk for an I/O error
4. install additional memory in your system."
Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
If you can, I would also recommend:

1. use static size page files (min and max size the same)
2. add a second page file, if possible, on a seperate drive, preferably on its own controller (not on a seperate partition on the same drive or volume)
3. add more memory, add more memory, add more memory....
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OK, I'm under the mercy of cold & allergy medicine..... but can't you cure this by removing the problem workstation from the domain and as a member of the workgroup "Workgroup".   Reboot, then rejoin the Domain?

For some reason this comes up as a solution I used at some point with this problem.

Again, I'm not feeling any pain right now, so I hope I'm not too far off track.. LOL

olyrickAuthor Commented:
Memory usage at ~255megs of ram

Machine had 512megs of ram, memory was taken out and replaced to a total of 1gig of ram

Disk free space is 53 gigs.

Loral - This server is our file server, and has many many permissions set up for access to the files on the server, and is also one of the Domain Controllers. If I remove the computer from the domain, will I lose the permissions set on the file? Will I have any problems removing this server from the domain since it's a Domain Controller?

I'm sorry.... taking cold medicine.  Sorry, I thought it was a workstation attaching to your server that was giving you the error code you posted.

No, don't do what I suggested.
hi guys, I have the same problem on a different setup: Almost every week-end my DC (a W2003 server on a HP Proliant DL 360 with 2 GB RAM) freezes up, and has done that for since august 2007. Same USERENV error and "not enough storage".

This server is first dc + trend micro officescan server (and therefore has MSDE installed) + print server for about 20 printers, and nothing else. I get an error from MSDe every day from what seems to be the BE 11 backup of the MSDE OSCE database, but other than that everything seems OK.

Windows is competely updated, and the latest HP NIC driver is installed as well. Other than that the only major change was that I removed WSUS 2.0 in during the summer (whch coinsides with the errors appearing) so that we now just use windows update.

I run a static page file og 3070 MB and 2 GB of RAM, and there are 20 GB free on the hard drive, so I really cannot see how I can run out of storage. Only issue could be that VO error, but how do I check for that?
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