URGENT: Replace RAID Array Controller without losing data 500pts

Hi All,

I have a very urgent question....

We are having hardware (temperature sensor) issues with our PERC2 (part #4351p) RAID card on one of our old systems, a Dell PE 6300. This failure shuts the server down so it's going to be replaced today.

My concern is that there are 6 containers set up on the server - 5xRAID1 and 1xRAID5 and I am concerned that when I replace the array card, I wll lose all this (logical drives?) and need to build the whole server from scratch.

What I am hoping is that I can recreate the containers using the same disks as before and that everything will just boot fine and be seen fine by the OS (NT4 SP6a).

Any ideas on whether this is possible, and any suggestions on steps?


thanks !

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if you are replacing with the same controller then you should have no problems if you install the drives in the same postitions. it should automatically detect the arrays all ready created.
matthewcapstickAuthor Commented:
I sincerely hope you are correct! :-)
matthewcapstickAuthor Commented:
Any clues on steps? Do I have to tell teh controller to read the container/virual disk information from the disks somehow?
matthewcapstickAuthor Commented:
all worked. ta
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