Login script starts everytime I clik on a published application

Hi Guys,

I`m wondering if theres a way to prevent the loginscript everytime I click on an application? I would like to set it only when we start the 1st citrix application or when we start the ICA client.

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nprignanoConnect With a Mentor Technical ArchitectCommented:
BLipman is right about session sharing - this is when you have a app running on a given server and you launch the scond, the new app uses the same session as the first, so the logon script does not run again.  Read this to set it up and/or troubleshoot it if you are already using it:     http://www.brianmadden.com/content/content.asp?ID=450

However, the logon script will run for each new connection to a server, so if you have certain apps that run different servers, first connections to a server will still always draw the logon script.

DeNzMoRAuthor Commented:
the logonscript doesnt start at all time, but maybe theres somewhere I need to increase a timed out value?
Are you using Seamless connections?  Try that out and see if you are launching a second session or piggybacking the first.  The server should be able to launch subsequent sessions from the first if your options are set right.  Experiment with a test user and a login script with a pause at the end so you can really see if it is launching the second and additional times.  
I think the option you want it called "session sharing".  
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DeNzMoRAuthor Commented:
thanks guys for the reply

I`m using the seamless session, but I will try the session sharing.
DeNzMoRAuthor Commented:
For instance, I have 2 servers with load balancing.... For example, if I open Word, its going to open an ica session on citrix_1 and if I wait 10 min, the loadbalancing might redirect my 2nd application on the citrix2. Is there a way to force that the same user as to be connected on the same server.

For example, If I open an application on citrix_1, I want to stay on citrix_1 till I log out.

nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
If session sharing is working, you will continue to launch all apps published to that same server on the same server - load balancing will only apply to connections to new servers.  If you happen to be running on two servers, when you launch an app published to both servers, load balancing metrics will determine which server the app will run on.

Here is an example:
AppA published to server0
AppB published to server1
AppC published to server0 and server2
AppD published to server1 and server2
AppE published to server0, server1 and server2

You log on and launch AppA and AppB - logon/connection process runs for both apps.  You now have active connections to server0 and server1, but not server2.

You next launch AppC, and it automatically launches onto server0 as you have a connection to that server already - load balancing metrics do not apply.

You next launch AppD, same scenario as AppC, the app automatically launches onto server1 and load balancing does not apply.  At this point, you still have connections to server0 and server1.

Now you launch AppE, this time, load balancing metrics determine which server the app will launch on, but will only launch to either server0 or server1, not server2 as you are not connected to that server.

When you break it down, this makes foresight into the design of your Citrix farm even more important - even with load balancing in place, you still have the potential to have one or more servers in you farm overloaded, while other servers are practically untouched, depending on the design of your system (where you publish your apps).  Many admins will choose to desgin their network with only one app published to a server (many servers in the farm) or every app to every server (fewer servers in the farm) to avoid this issue from occurring.

Good luck.


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