Oradim not shutting the db when server reboots.oradim -EDIT -SID PERISTAT -STARTMODE a -SHUTMODE i -PFILE

I need that the database shutsdown in immediate manner before rebotting sever.the Oradim is not functioning in this way.
How should I approach this issue?
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Mark GeerlingsConnect With a Mentor Database AdministratorCommented:
Oracle9 on WindowsServer2003 occasionally hangs when the shutdown command is given.  This may be a bug.  We used that combination for a couple years and I filed a TAR with Oracle on it, but they never found a solution.

I did not use the "oradim" executable for this.  I used a *.SQL script that had the line: "shutdown immediate", and called that from a batch file that called SQL*Plus to run the *.sql file.  But this hung occasionally for us.  When that happened, I did a "net stop OracleService[SID]" from a command prompt, or just rebooted the Windows server.

I automated this process with two different batch files that were scheduled via the Windows Task Scheduler.  The first one first renamed a special text file that I kept just for that purpose (named: "keep_me.txt") to: "weekend.txt" then attempted to do an Oracle shutdown and cold backup.  If that succeeded (and that took about 30-40 minutes on our server, then at the end of the process, it restarted Oracle, then renamed: "weekend.txt" back to "keep_me.txt".

The second batch file was scheduled to run one hour later than the first one, early Sunday mornings.  It checked for the existance of the file named "weekend.txt".  If it found it (which indicated that the shutdown-backup-restart process failed, probably in the shutdown) it simply did: "shutdown.exe /R /F".  This forced a server reboot, which restarted Oracle.  I didn't get a cold backup that way, but we also did hot backups each night, and this way at least the server and database were restarted for the next week.
what is you OS ??
LindaCAuthor Commented:
If i include the "oradim" command, you should know is some kind of indows server.
Specifically is a Windows 2003 server R2
what is you oracle version ?? If it is 8 on windows 2000 and above ,its a known bug which makes auto shutdown impossible (which  is de supported ).
LindaCAuthor Commented:
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