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Going back a few years ago when I was involved in Ethernet Networking - the only way to correctly connect two Ethernet Segments together was via a 802.3 Repeater.

Is there now a Standard Approved method of connecting two segments of CAT5 cable using some kind of passive coupler?  If so, where is it stated in the Standard.

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's just a CAT5 cable coupler used to connect two CAT5 cables together to make 1 longer cable.
As long as it says 'cat5' or cat5e you're good to go.

The ethernet "standard" only relates to how long the total length of cable can be (100m), but not how you get it there. As long as the cable conforms to CAT5 standards end-end with couplers, then there is no such 802.xx governing standard.
CoolmainAuthor Commented:
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