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QuickReport Count problem

I am using D4 Pro and the QuickReport components.  I am working with a donor database and I need to count the number of donations made.

The problem is that the amount donated is split into various projects and using the count function in an expression counts each split item instead of just the number of dates.  How do I make it do what I want?


11 Jan 2006      $25    ASW
                       $25    CBF
                       $25    LMF

5 May 2006      $30    ASW
                       $10   CCP

In the footer if i use Count I get 5 but i want to have 2


1 Solution
Simplest way to do this is to create another table and distill the info you want into that table in the way you want.  You then use QR with that table.
jdthedjAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply moorhouselondon - the data is already in a table populated from a query, but I am still stuck.  The table has the fields Date, Code and Amount.
It's a while since I used QR but I would use the Event triggers in QR to do the calculations.  If you iterate through the records using a separate TTable element you can calculate the total you need (the Count of records), without interfering with the TTable which is hooked in with QR.  There is a more elegant way of doing this I am sure, but this is a viable work-around.
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It's all about grouping bands...
If I recall there should be a Group footer band you can use and place  some counter on it.

You have to use the group band using the date to group your data and as calinutz mentioned use group footer to get the count of each group.

It would presumably need to be grouped by Date and Donor because two or more donations may come in on the same day.  
jdthedjAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the replies.  

I need to put the count result in the report footer of summary band.  The data is grouped by date as shown in the example, but the count function counts all the entries - not just the number of dates.  I tried moorhouselondon's idea of counting the dates first and then adding that number to each record in the table, but it seems very convoluted.  My ap loads the dfm file containing the report at runtime so has no code associated with it.

There must be a better way....
You don't need to go to that extent.  One way to do it is to use the technique of having two ttables.  One that counts the dates, the other is under QR's control.  You could simply have a QRLabel positioned on the Summary band and, before running the Report you simply say


This is a sledgehammer approach.  Calinutz/sun4sunday's method is the correct way to do it but if you haven't the inclination to spend lots of time on learning the intricacies of QR, it will work.  If however, you need sub-totals and page totals etc, then there's no real substitute for doing it the correct way.
jdthedjAuthor Commented:
Thanks moorhouselondon

I have tried to use Calinutz/sun4sunday's methods but as staed above the count expression counts each line in the detail section - not just the dates in the header.  I would prefer to do it with headers and footers but I cannot get it to work that way.

If Calinutz or sun4sunday can show me a working example I will go that way, but if not I will award you the points for the *quick and dirty* approach.
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