How to add string to the end of the file in batch scripting

Hello experts,

I need to add string to the file from  batch script. The string is: cmd /c > filename

echo cmd /c > filename >> c:\temp\abcd.txt

But it is failed on symbol >

Please help
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SCDMETAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Escape the > with a carrat ^

echo cmd /c ^> test >> test.txt
Ralf KlattConcerned World CitizenCommented:

You might try:

echo cmd /c filename>>c:\temp\abcd.txt

Best regards,
echo "cmd /c > filename" >> c:\temp\abcd.txt
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like shinobun said
 echo "cmd /c > filename" >> c:\temp\abcd.txt
will add the test "cmd /c > filename" to the end of the file.

but more importantly, what's that you are trying to do? the output of comand "cmd /c" will be redirected directed to filename but isn't "cmd /c" used to execute a command? i don't see that as part of your string. as it stands, it will probably just add a blank line to your file (whenever that command gets run). is this what you wanted to do?
IKeystoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks Raisor.

With symbol ^ everything work fine

IKeystoneAuthor Commented:
Sorry, Thanks SCDMETA !!!!!
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