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Ghost v8.2 DOS XPSP2 Logon then Windows Logs Off

Suburb-Man asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
Title:  Ghost v8.2 DOS XPSP2 Logon then Windows Logs Off

Windows XPSP2, Standalone/non-domain pc with a Ent. Vol. License product key.
I keep my support pc off the domain, after all how can I support a down domain if I’m a member of the mess.  And my mess doesn’t affect the domain as much. ;-)

Anyway, I'm trying to upgrade my HDD.  I’ve done 100s of Ghost images over the past 5  years.  But this windows problem I can NOT figure out.

Using our Corp. Ghost v8.2 DOS, I copy partitions from two drives to a new 250GB, partitioned to 100GB, 150GB.

I have Defragged and CHKNTFSed, before ghosting via direct IDE to IDE, partition to partition copy.

The image creation always goes smooth without an error.

Windows boots fine and I can logon, it briefly show something like loading desktop/profile/settings or whatever that normal loading message is.

However Windows immediately Log’s me Off.  Logon > Windows logs me off, repeat to frustration.

I thought something was wrong and since I have the original drives still working fine reboot with them to check that everything is fine, and then re-Ghost.

But same logon / log off  error.

So then I try a third Ghosting, but logon / log off  same error.

Any suggestions very much appreciated.

The EE article link below I found should NOT apply for many reasons:
1.      It is the only PC, I’m not making a copied PC.
2.      It is the only one the network.
3.      It isn’t logging onto a domain server.


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I can't help but feel that something is amiss in your images.
You're copying 2 drives to 2 partitions.
Should your image be of the full drive and ghosted to partition?
Are both drives bootable and you're ghosting to partitions on the same drive.
There would be a problem with the boot.ini
In any event, look for the problem in those terms.
All else fails, insert the xp cd and do a repair install on the new imaged partition .
You are probably cloning the partition to a different partition size, and the BOOTSECT.WXP file is not correct according to the original partition size vs. the new partition size.  After cloning the partition, on the new drive, insert the XP CD and boot from it, and choose "recovery console".  When the RC finds the existing XP partition, as C, then login to that partition as admin, and type the following --


then reboot.  This resizes the bootsect.WXP file to the correct size for the new partition.  If that does not work, give up on the clone, and simply insert both original and new drives into another system and type --

xcopy D:\*.* E:\ /s/h/c/k/r/e

That will clone everything on the D drive to the X, as long as neither is the running drive, and you will have an exact duplicate as good as ghost can do, if not better,  then you might have to do FIXBOOT C: again, if the partition sizes are different.

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Thanks for the assistance guys/gals.

To centerv :
I did a repair but too many programs where lost or hosed, and the Genuine Windows came up complaining but is was because I used a different Product Key, we have three XP VOL keys to choose from.
However I found a product key finder app and saved the ones for the computer so If I can't fix the logon issue and have to do another repair I'll get it right.

To scrathcyboy
I've done many 2to1 or 1to2 drives/partitions with ghost and as long as the destination was at least large enough to handle the Data/Used space, it worked fine.  Granted 99% of the time I was to a larger partition.
My Co-worker suggested the Fixboot or the FixMBR, but I dismissed it after reading what they do and the fact that the pc was booting into the logon prompt.  However I'll give it a try next time ~(Monday).

Wow, "xcopy D:\*.* E: /s/h/c/k/r/e" I haven't done that since Win98.
What about C: the boot drive?

I assume I'm booting the machine with a DOS boot disk with xcopy on it?
Because if in windows and shelled out to a DOS screen, xcopy will have too many locked Windows files that can't copy.

If xcopy then copy would be something like  C: & D: current drives to new drive partitioned and assigned X: & Z:.
"xcopy C:\*.* X: /s/h/c/k/r/e" Then "xcopy D:\*.* Z: /s/h/c/k/r/e".

The only way I've had success with xcopying a boot/OS drive is by putting the drives into another computer.

By the way I even disabled system restore, just incase it would hinder.

Well, I'll reghost and try fixboot C:, if that doesn't work I try to repair it, and if that doesn't work Ill try xcopy.

Hi Suburb-Man
A repair should not have lost you any progs othen than some updates.
Nothing more than an install over itself.
Perhaps you may have chosen the wrong option.

Also, you can boot to ghost and do a drive to drive copy, etc.

Fixboot, as mentioned, is always a good option, as well as chkdsk from repair console.
Good luck


Thanks centerv,

Maybe did select some wrong Repair option.

I can NOT do a Drive to Drive copy, because I'm copying from 2 physical drives to 1 physical drive with 2 partitions.
Unless your suggesting, I somehow repartition after copying (C:) boot drive, so (D:) can then be copied to the same drive's 2nd partition.
Maybe Ghost has a drive to partition option, I'm not aware of, or I'm missing something entirely.

I am booting from a win98 DOS diskette (disk 1), then putting in diskette 2 with Ghost.exe 1.3Mb.
Well actually it is a USB jump/thumb drive, but it act exactly like the two diskette because I copied them to the USB.

So Fixboot maybe needed, even if the system boots to the logon screen?

Chkdsk won't work, because the drives are NTFS formatted, However I can make them dirty with chkntfs /C C: D: so next reboot will run a chkdisk.

I probally won't get a chance to re-ghost until wednesday.

chkdsk is possible when you boot from xp cd to repair console.

Ghost does have Partition from Image if that's an option for you.
No idea if and when I may have used that last, so can't give you
solid input there.

Also, can you logon to safe mode to try fix from there?

Good luck
Also, check this for your repair options.



So sorry, I thought I closed this a month ago, I was supprised my closing comments not posted, nor notified by email that a comment had been added.
(admin. comment)

Well anyway, the solution was how the new/destination/target drive was PARTITIONED.
The all the previous ghost attempts I kept the first way I partitioned the drive; WINXP, NTFS, mounted with drive letter.
The last and SUCCESSFUL time I repartitioned the target drive into two raw partitions, I did not format them NTFS or assign drive letters.

Thanks everyone for all your assistance.
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