Program that will show me folders by file size

Does any one know of any programs that will show me folders and or files on my hard drive by size. I have a 75G hard drive and I am trying to free up space and I know I have saved movies and a lot of files that I do not use anymore in stupid places on my computer, but I can not find them. I just need a program that will show me the biggest files and folders containing the  most on my computer, I hope this makes since.

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crawforditsConnect With a Mentor Commented:  this program is free and excellent
llafnwodAuthor Commented:
Just to clarify I don't simply mean "sort by file size" I want to see folders in my HD that could be anywhere on my HD, not just in the folder I am viewing.
Just perform an advanced search of the HD by size where size of files is at least (size in kb).

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Goto Start Button>Search
In the Task Pane on the left Click on "What Size is it?"
You can Select the radio buttons Small, Medium, Large, Or you can Select "Specify Size" and Type appropriate file size in KB, make sure to select "at least".


continuing crawfordits post, run the search, with * as the filename.  Then tell it to search all files and folders on the drive you want.  Finally, then go under advanced option, and tell it to only display files larger than x kilobytes. since you were looking for large files, I would recommend start with 100,100+ first, then if you need to, then narrow your search.  Once the search is completed, then Click on the size tap at the top to sort from least to greatest, or greatest to least.

Good Luck.
by the way its called treesize !
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