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No Boot

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Last Modified: 2010-04-26

I "think" I might have infected my machine with a virus...I run NOD32, but there were no warnings. After a recent isntall of a shareware program e-mailed from a friend and a re-boot...my  computer won't get past the Intel Brand screen.

All  I see is the Intel logo, and it says press Tab to view Post or Delete to enter setup... (niether work) and the computer stays right there... I have tried resetting the BIOS, I have removed the board battery...nothing.

The computer WAS running perfectly, no nothing!!

Any thoughts?
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its nothing with virus .u need to reinstall to overcome te virus attack.ok try out for windows 98 u can install it .if not u have some serious problem with the hardware parts inside


OK, maybe I wasnt clear.... the computer wont go past the post screen. Its stops. NOthing. How exactly do you install a new OS when the computer wont boot (from a harddrive, floppy, CD, etc...)???
I dont know how your computer boots, you can try booting from cd  (download live cd (knoppix for example))
select in your bios booting from cd.
If it doesnt happen so it is a problem with your motherboard(maybe not directly). So it would be wise to
try to restart your bios by software (in the bios there is something like reset or reover from update). If this not help then you may check the memory, if te memory is not the problem, your mother board is broken,you need a new one then (i would suppose so, you can get an opinion of some ppl which can see the machine though).
Good Luck

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What program did you install?  Did your friend actually send you the e-mail?

It could be a BIOS virus.  First though, disconnect all disk drives (power and signal cables) and see if PC will complete a basic boot.


OK, I have changed processors, changed memory, removed video card, unpluged hard-drives, and still no luck. I only get 1 beep. I CAN go to post screen by pressing TAB, but it stops after reading the AGP/PCI Frequency and thats it. I cannot enter BIOS, actually I cannot do anything but restart and get to the same point. I have removed the battery for about 10 minutes, tried to hard reset the BIOS, nothing, nada...

I am pretty sure its the board, but not sure why, or what to do to fix it...
Maybe jst a thought, there is some overclocking or agp problem (you can change agp speed, maybe it is overspeed, or it is the processor overclocked). But since you cant ven get to the bios, you cant check that in a easy way. i hope you still have the warranty of the mother board, I would try that way now then.
I suggest that you open the case and inspect motherboard see if you can find any leak or blown caps on board.
1 short   DRAM refresh failure

your problem is going to be your ram. the beep code points to it.

if you've changed your ram
then the problem will be in the ram sockets which means you have a bad motherboard!


OK, I have four RAM sockets, can I take the RAM from 1 and 3 and place them in 2 and 4?

Sure do.
theoretically that should work but I don't think it will.

I have rarely seen a motheroard with a bad ram slot work if you move the ram.

but go ahead and give it a try.

ultimatly you will have to purchase another motherboard.


Well, been out for awhile, but back now. Thanks for all of the responses. My computer is booting up...BUT it woudl appear as if the problem is STILL there. Once I get to the Intel BRAND screen (before posting) the computer is still freezing...and stays that way for about 10 minutes BEFORE going to the post screen. Once it gets there there seems to be no problem. Everything works.

Is this still symptomatic of a memory problem? My initial guess would be "yes"...the only thing I can think of is the computer is taking that long to scan the memory...but why?

yes the ram could still be bad.

Did you ever disconnect all drives and boot as recommended much earlier?  There's usually a reason behind such suggestions.


I removed everything in the computer.... vid cards, replaced the processor with another...removed one mem stick at a time...switched them around, etc...
About all you can do.  Sure looking like a motherboard problem.

I may have missed this also; but did you ever flash BIOS?  That's the only other thing that's worth trying at this point (providing you can boot from a floppy disk).
I have to agree. it looks like a bad mobo.


Honestly, the closest solution WAS probably the motherboard... however, after taking no actions...the darn thing started working again. I turned it on, and let it sit. After about three hours it FINAILLY booted up. Once it booted up the first time it has booted up with no problems since. My method of delivering points was to pick the last person to re-afirm that it was probably the motherboard. This was based on each method of testing, narrowing, testing again, etc... yes, when I posted the question I assumed it was either the motherboard, processor or the memory... mainly because the problem happened before any drives engage... we went through and symptomatically tested, and the final verdict was motherboard... thats who got the points. I am appreciative of all the folks who helped me with the problem, but since it kinda worked itself out...maybe the best thing to do so no-ones feathers gets too rumpled over who was right or wrong is to close out the question and award no points. BUT I am sure this "solution" will ruffle just as many people...so in this case the forum moderators decision can stand...looks like everybody got some points...and in the end my computer is running. Can't we all be friends?
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