point 1 domain to another

I need to get any requests email, web or whatever sent to another domain.
for example domain.com now needs to go to domain.org, the thing is that email was used for domain.com and domain.org was the web address.  I really can only host one email domain and that is now domain.org, so how do I make domain.com "go away" without having to email everyone who might email me at the domain.com address.
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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
For mail you need to have MX records.
So it will look like:

<domain>     MX <prio> <hostname>

domain.com   A
domain.com   MX 100    mailhost.domain.org

mailhost.domain.org    IN A

For www you will need a redirect, return 302 with a Location: domain.org for anybody that tries to access
domain.com, also you can point the domain.com to point to your new server and have that answer both queries.

I hope this helps..

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