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BCC not working

I want to BCC a group of people with PHP.
The following code does not work.
I don't see an error message.

$query = "SELECT email
      from tbl_daily_verse";

$result = mysql_query($query);
# email - BEGIN
      /* Specify your SMTP Server, Port and Valid From Address */
      $to = "me@scripturememorychallenge.org";
      $subject      = "Daily Verse";
      $headers    = "From: me@scripturememorychallenge.org\r\n";            
      while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
            $headers .= "Bcc: " . $row['email'] . "\r\n";
            $mymessage    = "test";
            echo $row['email'];
            echo "<br>";
      mail ($to, $subject, $mymessage, $headers);
# email - END
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1 Solution
What you are doing, effectively, is defining multiple "BCC" headers. There can be only one. It should look like this:

    Bcc: email_1@domain.com, email_2@domain.com, email_3@domain.com

What it's doing right now (and this is incorrect), is this:

    Bcc: email_1@domain.com
    Bcc: email_2@domain.com
    Bcc: email_3@domain.com
So in order to fix it, you can replace that last while-loop with something like this:

    $bcc = array();
    while ( $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result) )
        $bcc[] = $row['email'];
    if ( count($bcc) )
        $headers .= 'Bcc: ' . implode(', ', $bcc) . "\r\n";
M256Author Commented:
Thanks for your great answer!  Sorry for the delay in responding; I haven't had a chance to verify your answer until now.

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