Launch only one instance of application

i have associated ".ctr" file with our inhouse application. when user doubleclicks the ".ctr" file our application is launched.

now if the application is already open, instead of launching a new instance, i just want to open the ".ctr" file as a 'child-window' within the already running application, how can i do this?
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Praveen KumarArchitectCommented:
in the form load event check this application has previous instance or not

If App.PrevIntance Then
    'Application is already running, so open it in a child form
   'Application is not runnnig
End If
expertfanAuthor Commented:
if app.previnstance =true, then how can i open 'new child form' in the previnstance?
Praveen KumarArchitectCommented:
expertfanAuthor Commented:
thanks quarkphoton! this works great.
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