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When composing a HTML page, I realize that a double quote character can be entered using: "

But can the regular letters of the alphabet likewise be entered in similar token fashion?  In other words, if I wanted to obfuscate the phrase: Hello world

...could something like &48;&65;&6c;&6c;&6f;&20;&77;&6f;&72;&6c;&64; be used instead?

I do not want to use any scripting languages for the obfuscation.
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Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Theoretically, the only character references allowed in (X)HTML are the 252 listed here:
However, you can use the Western alphabet if you track down the numbers.
For instance
will give you
Don't forget the hash (#) after the apersand (&)
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
Here are the character codes for the standard Western alphabet:

p.s. I meant ampersand, not apersand.
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