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How to Ghost Drive?

pinaldave asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Hello All,

I have Laptop Inspiron 9300. I want to replace my hard disk with bigger hard disk. I would like to ghost my current HD to other Drive and then I want to copy that back to my new Hard Drive.
I have following questions.

1) How would I ghost my drive. Tutorials, any software suggestions (free would be good).
2) Once I remove my current HD and put the new HD in drive, how would I ghost my existing drive on it, as the new drive will be empty and it would not be running Window on it. Any suggestions or advise.
3) Is it possible that I keep my current drive the way it is and then ghost to new drive and just use that one. (I have only one computer)

Kind Regards,
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You are kind of in trouble. Primarily because it is a notebook. I use Norton Ghost Corporate 8.2 and it works very well but using it in your senario is a killer. The basic of what you need to do are:

Get both drives set up in your notebook. One as a master and the the other as a slave. Boot a DOS floppy and run Ghost to image one drive to the other. Simple huh?

If you gan find a "normal" computer you can buy 2.5" notebook hard drive adapters for about $5 each. This will let you hook them up to regulat 3.5" parallel hard drive cables in a normal desktop computer. You can then run Ghost (or a host of other drive imaging programs) to image one drive to the other. Then put the new drive back in your notebook.

I have heard Acronis software is good too. It is the fact that it is a notebook that is going to make your life miserable ...

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Best way PinalDave is to either use an external USB drive 2.0 is obviously great for this or what i tend to do alot of is use a mapped network drive.

All of these settings are within the ghost program.. GREAT program.. works a treat.

Norton personal 2003 would be great for you

Install... Ghost icon appears in system tray
click and open
backup computer
specify to where.. Either the external drive that will show up if you have plugged in already or a mapped network drive to another computer..

mapping network drives isnt hard... even if you have not done it before..

BUt the easiest method is get an external usb drive.. as big as the space USED on your current computer.. Ghost will probalbly compress though.. so it should be less.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you need any other pointers.. It is really easy to do.. but dont be afraid to ask :)

Ghost would do the job for you (as posts above), but I recommend the acronis which is better (my opinion). You can get a free copy in the link below:


dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.
The Radified tutorial for Ghost.  All you wanted to know

Most Valuable Expert 2015
1. Get a 2.5" to 3.5" IDE converter so you can remove the HD from the notebook and connect it as a 2nd disk to a desktop PC. Now get either bootit-ng (not as expensive as the other products mentioned above, and as far as I know even the trial version will do the job)


or another tool for cloning, like g4u or xxcopy, both of which are on the UBCD.


With these products you boot either from floppy or CD Rom, so you don't start into windows. You then use the products to make image files of your HD, that's why you need enough space on your desktop HD to create these images on. After having done that, connect the new disk the same way and restore those images to the new HD. When done install the new disk to the notebook and you should be done.

2. Download knoppix, burn the iso to a CD or DVD, depending on what version you downloaded, connect the notebook via network to another PC, boot it with knoppix, mount a network drive and then use partimage on the knoppix CD to create image files of your laptop HD on this network drive. Replace the old HD in your notebook with the new one, redo the above steps, but this time use partimage to restore the image to the HD. If you need to change the partition size later you can use knoppix again and the tool QtParted to change the sizes or add more partitions etc...


as i understand that you have "Dell Inspiron 9300", and i noticed (from the Dell site) that the Laptop has i DVD/R+- , so you can copy the image to the DVD.
we will image the drive with Norton Ghost then burn the image to a boot DVD, then we will restore it after formatting.

now we will use the Norton Ghost (you can buy it form the Symanitc website)
and this is a full tutorial for how to work with it (this is for the 2003 version that work on dos)
this tutorial from Symanitc ..

if you don't have the Norton and you don't want to buy it, then you can use this free /boot utility Cd,
you can download it here
you can use the Norton Ghost 8.5 that combined with the cd

first you have to burn the cd, this article will guide you to how how to burn this cd.

then you have to boot from it (before formatting the windows) then seek for the Clone HDD or anything else lead you to Norton ghost clone (I'm sorry i don't know it full path exactly now)
then you can use the ghost to burn the image to the DVD it will ask you for additional DVD if your hdd is full and large,
after you image the drive you can do the same after formatting to restore the image
in this way you don't need a system for restoring the file only boot from the cd and use the utility

i recommend you to buy the Norton Ghost the latest version (V10) and use it , it has many many new features like back up and image the your system in the fly (you don't need to reboot the system or use the dos anymore) and you can use it very easy.
if you need just to clone the old disk to a new one, try migrate easy, the only thing you need to do is plug the new hd, then run the prog and clone the old drive to a new one, then unplug the old drive and, set new one as master, that's all. also migrate easy have 15day trial full working version.
   I would just buy an external usb 2.5 hard drive caddy, you can then clone your current drive to your new one that is sat in the usb caddy then just swap over the drives  putting your new drive in the laptop and you can then use your old 2.5 hard drive as a external storage drive.

see the link for idea of what to look for then buy from some where near you.

Or you could take it to your Local IT service agent, not void your warranty, and get them to do it for you within 3 hours. And they'd probably only charge you for an hours labour.
well, there are several solutions (honestly speaking if i were u i'd choose the way Yuray suggested).
Besides using AME u can create/delete partitions (according to a product homepage)
as another possible solution u could clone ur current drive using backup software (say, True Image).

It seems those 2 ways are the best once.



Hello Guys,
Thank you very much for your answers.
What I have done is that I purchased Ghost and then ghost (backup) my drive to external USB drive.
Now, I am going to buy new Laptop Hard Disk and install it, how can I have my backup moved to new drive?

Kind Regards
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.
You did read the tutorial link I posted earlier?

 The Radified tutorial for Ghost.  All you wanted to know


first congratulating for backing up your system,
now your image is stored on the external USB drive,
if you bought the original ghost cd, so you can boot from it, then you can restore the image from the external usb hard drive.
Or you can use the free boot CD I told you about (above)
to restore the backup file to you new hard
or if you have the latest version of ghost (10) so you can copy the backup using the ghost to a boot dvd and this is the easiest one


I did purchased Ghost 10 and have original CD.
I will follow up above advise and update this ticket. Again thank you all.
i'm not sure that it was right desicion.
I came across review where Ghost and True Image were compared
here it is  http://www.techsupportalert.com/drive-imaging-reviews.htm


Thank you all.
I was able to create, save and restore the partition of my drive (which did not contain operating system) successfully.
I am planning to do the same for the drive which is running the operating system. Is that alright or I should not try that at all. I have c: drive which has OS installed and I want to restore it from the image. c: drive also has the Ghost installed. will this be alright or any other ideas. I think I am on my last step of this project.

it is alright to do this , norton ghost is founded to backup and image your system,do it and tell us the happy news
Best Regards


My HD Crashed. Thanks to you guys, I had Backup a day old. I restored it from ghost image. It worked fine. It saved me.
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