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Problem Installing New Components

Cookie295 asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-25
Hi everyone,

I am installing new parts for a friend; motherboard, GPU, CPU.

Because I'm installing a new mobo, I thought it best to format his hard drives and reinstall XP.

With that done, I followed the method described here (http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/moving_xp.html#2).

I'm currently stuck at Step 15. Because when I power up the computer, the computer loads of to the splash screen of the motherboard (DFI Infinity) and then just hangs.

Is there something I'm doing wrong or missing here?


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How did you format the harddrives and then follow those steps.  Those steps would involve a working pc running xp and if you formated the drive you shouldn't have a os.  
Did you format the harddrive contaning the xp installation.
If so you need to enter bios by trying to hit del or f1 or f2 one of these should get you in.  Once in check to see that bios recognizes the drives and other periphials.
If so set your cd-rom to first in boot order and save config and exit.
You will then need the xp disk to install the os again.  
Also since you are using new cpu the license used before is likely not to work again-You will probobly have to call microsoft at that point.
But all in all if you formated the harddrive you will have to treat this as new install
If you didn't format the harddrives it looks like you need to follow all the steps except for treating it as new install.  The steps you are following reccomend setting the correct date and time as well as what I mentioned about boot order.  This time do repair and follow the rest of the instructions.
Hope this helps
Distinguished Expert 2019

yes, as said above, you picked the wrong process.
You should be using this for a clean install :


Well, yeah I know what I did was a bit 'backward'. Basically I formatted his hard drives and installed XP again all afresh (new install). Then I realised that I hadn't installed any of the new parts (don't ask - it was a hard day), and I followed the aforementioned steps to install the motherboard.

I don't know if I'm making my problem very clear...

All the parts are in okay, but when I power up the machine it just goes to a DFI Infinity splash screen and stays there. There's no initial loading of the system and there's no way of entering the BIOS.

I wondered if the hard drives aren't installed correctly, but they seem to be.

Any ideas? :(
Distinguished Expert 2019
try the install afresh and  delete teh existing partitions, but try it with only one disk connected, and disconnect all cards and peripherals

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...btw, you can check if the disks are correctly installed (but my guess is they are) in the bios
Danny ChildIT Manager
The system should go beyond the post test if you disconnect **all** drives (optical and hard disks), and then complain about no OS being available.  It may even try and boot from the network card (PXE) boot if this is the case (depending on the Boot Options and Sequence chosen).
However, if it gets this far, you have proved that there is an issue with the disk configuration.  Add each disk back in turn until it fails.  When it fails there are 2 options.  Either that device has a fault; or is incorrectly configured (probably a jumper issue, though it could be cabling).  

Also, check the BIOS and turn OFF any options to display the Splash Screen (may be referred to as a Logo screen), which will normally leave you with a more standard POST screen which may well help identify the fault.

hth, Danny
Danny ChildIT Manager

Reading the above again led me to another thought - you have reloaded XP to one system, then replaced the mobo, cpu and graphics card in the same system, and now it won't boot?  Any chance that the old motherboard drivers can't drive the new motherboard?  Let alone the vid card?

Can you boot from the XP cd at all?
Have you tried an XP Repair install?


I solved it.

I disconnected everything except one hard drive, DVD-ROM and the motherboard, and it booted to POST.

So I connected everything up again, and it stopped booting. Then I just disconnected everything one by one, testing to see if it would POST each time.

Turns out that it was because the USB connectors were in the "wrong" ports on the motherboard. I say "wrong" - they were in designated USB ports, but for some reason it didn't like it, so I switched them to different USB ports, and it booted to POST, so I guess it's fine.

I'm currently do a fresh installation of XP (formatted all the drives etc). I have to say, it's going VERY slowly. When I've installed XP before, despite it saying it may take 30-40 minutes, I've not seen it take longer than about 20, but this one's been going for at least 2, maybe 2 and a half hours! A bit strange...

I'll leave it to do its thing - if I get any more problems I'll be back, otherwise I'll ask a mod to close the question.

Cheers for the advice and ideas though guys - appreciated.


At the moment I will split points between nobus and DanCh99. Although nobus' answer was very short - it's what I did, so that helps, but DanCh99 also helped with a more elaborated answer.


Okay.. new problem.

I've installed all the parts and XP's in on a fresh install.

The only thing is that XP runs INCREDIBLY slow. For the parts I've chucked in, it's, well, frankly it's insane.

Something's wrong, but I don't know what. Basically it takes maybe 3 to 5 minutes to load up to desktop - it's freshly installed - there's nothing on the hard drive!

How can it possibly be running so slow? Is there something I've missed?
Distinguished Expert 2019

check in the bios what cpu it sees, and the ram values. if those are correct, i would ask for a warranty replacement of the board.


It sees the right CPU, although overclocking it by just 20 on the FSB causes it to tell me to reset the CPU FSB! Another slightly rubbish thing about the motherboard was that the CD was blank! I thought the optical drive might be screwed, but it's blank in my own machine too, so it is the CD.

This is obviously annoying. As the drivers for the LAN would have been on there, and because I didn't have the drivers for the LAN, I couldn't go on the Internet to DL the drivers! Catch-22. Anyway, I had to network up a laptop and then access the Internet from there, and then burn the drivers onto CD and then install them onto the machine from that! What an effort!

Anyway, SP2 and all that jazz is next to install.

The memory values are set as "auto", so although I can change them, that's what they are.

I think the problem might have been to do with some form of caching. Once I disabled that (because the BSOD told me to), it seems to run fine *touch wood*.

Going to install all the drivers over the coming days, so watch this space!...


Everything seems okay...

Cheers guys.
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