Exchange server 2003 will not send email to a couple of domains. (AFTER applying all the fixes I've found on this site)

(Exchange Server 2003 sp2 running on Windows Server 2003 SP1)
Hello everyone,

I've been pulling my hair out trying to get this to work, and every situation that I've tried thus far has failed.  My emails to a few specific domains have been failing (I can't list them here, they are secure military sites).  The queue failure message says "The connection was dropped by the remote host".  I can telnet into the MX address, do the whole shabang and send messages that way.  SMTPDiag says everything is a go.  I pull no error messages in the logs.  When i DO get an NDR back, all it says is that the message has been delayed, and not to resend.  However, the messages do NOT send, and they expire on schedule.  I've got all the appropriate DNS entries (mx, host, ptr, etc.) listed.  I just can't seem to make this work.  I realize that this has been asked several times already, but none of the solutions have worked so far.  Can anyone help?  :)
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icky2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like you've been through all of the usual technical checks. Why not just email or call the recipient server people? It sounds like they are dropping your connection for security reasons and you know your server is functioning because you can send elsewhere. If they don't return a useful error, you've little to go on. Send an email to their postmaster and ask them to check their logs - provide them with a very specific email (date, time, subject line) and they can check their logs and let you know why the rejected delivery.
indirianAuthor Commented:
I'm working on trying to get in contact with them.  Unfortunately, most of these people are incredibly hard to track down.  I figured it might be a distant end issue, but I just wanted to confirm.  If anyone can recommend anything I still may need to check, I'm all ears.  If not, I'll close this out in a day or so.  Thanks for the help.
indirianAuthor Commented:
Well, I'm still having the same issues, and still am unable to track down the distant end server administrators.  Gotta love the military.  Oh well, what you said, icky, was enough to make my superiors believe it was a distant end issue and get off my back.  At least now i can research this unhindered.  Thanks :P
Good. Getting supervisors off your back is almost as valuable as solving the problem! If you do get in touch with the remote admins, please do post here what you find out or how you resolve it or of course post again if it uncovers any new issues.
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