SSL certificates for outlook web access using ISA 2004


I am setting up web access in a server 2003 environment runnign ISA 2004.  I need to purchase some SSL certificates.  Which ones chould I get?  I've seem the verizign ones for $600-$700 and the GoDaddy ones for 19 bucks.  What's up?

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shankshankConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I bought the RAPIDSSL for $69 for my OWA exchange 2003 setup and ISA 2006. From my understanding, that 128BIT SSL is all you need. I have used this for Citrix access also with no problems.

hmcnastyAuthor Commented:
Thank you sir!

Sorry abotu the delay.
ah no problem. Those certs are awesome, I get them for $39 because I am a reseller. damnit, I forgot to mention that I coulda gotten cheaper for u lol, oh well next time haha
hmcnastyAuthor Commented:
I will keep that in mind as I'm gonna need probably 4 more soon.

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