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I am in the process of purchasing a new computer... I found this computer on eBay and was wondering if it was a good deal and if not where could I purchase a high quality PC for low price...

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CaseybeaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For the money, that appears to be a pretty good system.  Espeically since the operating system is included.    You have not however specified what you want to use the computer for???

Offhand, for a general-purpose computer (internet, local office applications, movies, audio/video etc)- it seems GREAT.   If you are considering using this computer for some of the latest games--   there it might be a little weak- as it's an older Athlon processor, not an nForce motherboard, and medium-level graphics.

CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's not a bad deal, and the cpu is a good one.  1GB of RAM, the DVD burner and the surround sound are good pluses.  Go for it!
keola75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would have to agree with Caseybea, however, the OS is not's an available upgrade like the video cards and the monitor.  I'm also a little wary about the on-board graphics and sound.  Mirage 2 graphics is ideal 2D graphics and is compliant only up to DirectX 8.1, so higher graphics programs or games will require a video card upgrade.  You might also want to know what the brand and model of the motherboard is.
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You want an advice go for Intel cpu it's better than AMD
>You want an advice go for Intel cpu it's better than AMD

What an insane statement - the Celeron-D doesn't compare to an Athlon64 of the same speed rating:

The new Core2 Duo is another story, but it isn't in the same price category.
I agree with you Callandor.  The Celeron processor is Pentium's low end processor not designed to handle a lot of mathematical processing that's used in your multimedia applications.
brookbaAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys...  i purchased it in the end, thanks for your help. Hopefully it proves to be a good buy! ;)
Let us know-- especially since you've now coughed up $$$ based on our advice...!   -kcb
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