Crystal Reports - Distinct field entry (not record) from select

I have a minor problem I would like help with.

I am writing a crystal report that shows how records are moved to a particular area per hour. I am using a table that gives me the record number and the area it is in. The table has an entry added whenever something changes in the record so there will be multiple entries under the same area.

I currently have the report doing a distinct count of the record number in an hourly group, which works fine except that if the record gets updated later on it is getting counted again (in another hour) as the distinct count is only relevant to the hourly group. I want a way to bring in only one (the first ideally) record that shows the area in question per record number.

My select is currently by date range and record area.
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know that you can and still get all of them in the date range?

Can you build a query or stored procedure in the database?

You could probably write your own count formula to only count each record number once.  Something like this:

if {recordNumber} <> Previous({recordNumber}) then

Now you can insert a sum on this formula and that should give you the distinct count.  Your data within the group will need to be sorted by recordnumber for this to work accurately.

The problem as I read it is he has the data grouped by HOUR so that within a group the count is correct but he doesn't want to count a record that is updated at 8AM then again at 10AM twice.

Do you need to show the record each time it is updated or are you simply looking for a count?

If you simply want the count and don't need to see that a record was updated (but not counted) then you could select
based on the date being in range then select only the record with the minimum date in the range.

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GryffAuthor Commented:
Hey Mlmcc,

You have the problem correctly. I simply want to count how many records are changed to this area.

How do I select the record with the minimum date?
GryffAuthor Commented:
I suppose I can write a view, I just prefer to keep things self contained where possible.

Here is what I created in case it comes up for someone else.

create view View_LTX_Area_Arrival
select callaudit_call_num, min(CallAudit_Last_Update) as UpdateTimeDate from sccallaudit
where callaudit_call_area_code = 'LTX'
group by callaudit_call_num

I used crystal to group it by the hour and to pretty it up. I never actually used the call number coming across but I anticipate the manager asking for a similar report with more detail later.

Points to go to Mlmcc as he provided sufficient information to prevent me fruitlessly wasting more time trying to do it in crystal. Thanks guys.
You might try that same SQL as a COMMAND in Crystal.

GryffAuthor Commented:
I am using crystal 8.5 (stupid intranet restrictions), and I don't believe that exists in this version. thanks though
YOu are correct, COMMAND was added in CR9

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