Dismantle and Replace Hard drive Sony VGN-S150 (PGC-6C2L)

I an trying to replace the hard drive in my Sony VGN-S150 (PGC-6C2L) laptop and I cann't seam to find any information about how to take it apart.  Currently, I am trying to take the laptop apart myself and I am stuck becuase it seams that I can't find the missing screw.  I have removed, 10 1/4" screws and 2 1/8" screws.  The keyboard will separate but I am not able to remove it completely because it seam that there is a screw in the center but I cannot find it.  

Any help is apreciated.
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bgbeerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here's a link to a recall from sony for your model.
Ok i dont know that particular model, however the majority of laptops have a screw which goes straight through the middle which holds the keyboard in place, there might be a bit of plastic over the screw, look for a small circle around the center of the underside.

However usually you do not need to removed the keyboard to get a hard drive out, I would look around elsewhere for another way of getting the hard drive out.
maost lapyops I've worked with as of late has the laptop on the side of the computer held in by one screw. once the screw is removed the hdd will slide right out.

others have the hdd accessible from the bottom held in by a screw.

still some have the laptop stored under the keyboard. not to many laptops are like this though.
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BygbeaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help everyone.  It turns out that with the recall I do not have to take it apart.  Sony will.
Here is am exploded view of the VGN-S series. http://site.nexttronicsparts.com/vgn-s50b.htm
Hard to see exactly where its located but it certainly looks to be in close vicinity to the CD drive.

This is an excerpt from a forum http://www.notebookforums.com/archive/index.php/t-26847-p-2.html where someone has had this laptop apart.
-->"on the underside of the laptop any screw with a little arrow by it needs to be removed...which is ALL of the screws on the bottom of hte laptop.......also you need to remove the memory module bay because there is another screw INSIDE there that needs to be removed, so that you can remove the keyboard.
The keyboard needs to be removed next, and that is kinda tricky because there are 2 little latches that edge just over the top of the keyboard to lock it in place....take flat head screw drive and kinda push them back while gently lifting up the keyboard at those 2 points, and the keyboard will come off...then you need to remove the ribbon cable for the keyboard from the system board by pulling back on the clip where ther ribbon enters the board there a few more ribbon and small fan/power cablles that need to be detached from the system board before you can lift the whole top half of the chassis away from the rest of the machine, exposing ALL the internals including the hard drive.."<--

There were pics on that forum but have been deleted.
BygbeaAuthor Commented:
Thankd for the info SparkMaker it sounds like that was exacly what I needed but since there is a recall I am going to send the laptop to Sony.  Thanks again.
glad I could help.
Good info for the next person looking for it.
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