DNS alias setup

I have two domains registered - x.com and y.com. I want users going to x.com to be automatically forwarded to y.com as x.xom really has no website attached to it.

Is this something that is offered by the domain registry service or something that has to be setup by our web hosting service?

Doth domains point to the same dns server, but when users go to x.com right now, there is nothing - no website etc.
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Domain Registry
Whomever provides your DNS sever function.  If you want the same exact site to appear for both y.com and x.com, then the simplest and easy thing it to create a CNAME for x.com that points to the name y.com.
CWS (haripriya)Commented:
Usually, the domain registrars give this option of Domain Forwarding for a very little price. Contact your domain registrar regarding this. In this case you need have any hosting space for your x.com.

If you have allocated hosting for your x.com, then you can create a CNAME record.
WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
The ultimate answer is EITHER!

You should be able to setup domain forwarding for all traffic (including email) with your domain registrar.  This should not be chargable.  Beware of IFRAME forwarding (domain masking) as it will mess up SSL certificates etc on the y.com site if viewed from x.com

Also this is something your webhost should do for free if you are hosting the y.com site with them.

My own personal choice would be to use the webhost as they won't forward the mail etc as otherwise you double the amount of junkmail hitting the y.com mailserver.


CNAME's may not be able to be used if it's shared web hosting, as the domain would not be setup.

Consider the use of framed pages, URL redirection, etc.

Transfer your domain to FreeDNS if you would like the URL redirection - they offer this service for free.

Good luck,

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