Static class accessed from many threads of different types

I have one single datatable object in a static class.

i want multiple threads of different classes themselves to be able to access this datatable through the static classe's single public static property.

i dont think reads are a problem(correct me if I am wrong)
but I am concerned about writes

if it were threads all of the same class type accessing it i could use monitor.enter and monitor.exit
but unfortunatly the threads come from different classes

solutions please?
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NetworkArchitekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, do this.

Create a static variable

private static myLock = new Object();

Then where it is potentially dangerous do:


// code

joshuadavidleeAuthor Commented:
is there soemthing i could write in the static class that would save me having to write anything in the thread classes
Use the lock keyword. You could have the database class use the lock. That's one way to do it.
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joshuadavidleeAuthor Commented:
code snippet please?
joshuadavidleeAuthor Commented:
for example how do i say


when its a static class and "this" is not allowed
joshuadavidleeAuthor Commented:
yes i just found that solution on msdn thanks !!
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