To KickStart Win CE

Hi Experts,
                I am presently dummy over this topic, But i have Motorola Mpx 200 mobile which is having the os smart phone 2003(wince). But iam very much interested over wince.

                Currently im working on microsoft technologies like C#.

                I have a knowledge about vc++ and evc++.

                can you please anyone can suggest me to kick start my journey on wince.

                if any tools are required for development, pls suggest me.

Links and articles are preferable.

Thanks in advance,
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Uday EthirajuluCTOAsked:
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For native development in eVC++, MSDN is the place to start.

this is also quite ok from wirelessdevnet ""

Then ofcourse there is which specifically has a lot of articles and resources. both on eVC++ and the .NET Compact framework.
ad ofcource if you have any doubts experts-exchange itself is very handy.

First off The mpx200 is is not using Windows CE its called Windows Mobile which is based on CE.

Youll wanna look at the "Smart Device SDK" using Visual Studio.

Heres a Tutorial
Uday EthirajuluCTOAuthor Commented:
Is it possible to learn wince in using .Net
Python 3 Fundamentals

This course will teach participants about installing and configuring Python, syntax, importing, statements, types, strings, booleans, files, lists, tuples, comprehensions, functions, and classes.


I recommend the book ".NET Compact Framework Programming with C#" By Paul Yao and David Durant   (Addison-Wesley)

"Is it possible to learn wince in using .Net"

Yes absolutely
Windows CE and Windows Mobile are different products though Windows CE is base for Windows Mobile.
For details on Windows CE  refer
For development tools you need for Windows CE refer

For Windows Mobile you need
Visual Studio + Windows Mobile SDK/Smartphone SDK

You can use .Net Compact Framework for Windows CE development.
Uday EthirajuluCTOAuthor Commented:
If i want to become an WinCE programmer

what are all the basics i have to learn.................

is it required to learn the kernel and api's........


>is it required to learn the kernel and api's........

Nope.  Using Visual Studio (.NET), you can write some robust applications in a very similar way you would as a Windows app without relying on the Kernel or API's.  However, there may be a few calls you will have to make for special functions.

See my prior post on the book I suggested, it really helped me.  Also some of the links to the MS sites are helpful, of course.

For another starter, download (or order) the CDROM from here:

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As far as the basics: (.NET Perspective)

1. You need to know how to program in VB or C# (Or some other .NET language)
2. You need to have Visual Studio (Suggest 2005)
3. You will need to download/install some SDK's for the type of target device you want to test with
4. You need to have a newer PC with at least 1GB of RAM and plenty of power to run the VS and Handheld emulator when testing
5. You should have a real Handheld for testing (in addition to the emulator)
6. You should get some sample code and work through some tutorials, books, etc. as there are some quirks that differ from Windows development

That should get you going...


Uday EthirajuluCTOAuthor Commented:
Thanks jkanisut i am looking in to that.........
Uday EthirajuluCTOAuthor Commented:
any new suggestions from experts also welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also checkout the for more sample code.  Here is a cool one with other links at the end:

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