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I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to get full mail (and calender etc) support from Sharepoint for Groupwise. Are there any Webparts that support Groupwise, or is there another way to integrate them?

I would love some links if there are some products if there are any...

Thanks in advance
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You should not expect any GroupWise/SharePoint integration for the simple reason that SharePoint is owned by Micro$oft, and they will fight any integration efforts tooth-n-nail.

It should be obvious, particularly with Redmond's recent alliances with SocialText and Zend, that the boys in Redmond intend to use SharePoint as an enterprise lock-in tool. Making SharePoint integrate with any products that compete with any M$ products would undermine that ability to lock you into Redmond's products exclusively. Ever wonder why buying SharePoint *requires* you to buy a whole raft of other M$ software, whether you want/need it or not?

Remember, Micro$oft is not interested in helping you build a heterogeneous, best-of-breed environment. Their goal is to lock you into using their products exclusively. The deeper they get their claws in, the harder they can make it for you to try to break away. Think of them as meth dealers in golf shirts (or suits, depending on to whom they're pushing).

There are alternatives to SharePoint, altho I don't have experience with them (or SharePoint, for that matter) so I can't offer opinions on them:

Alfresco -->

Oracle Content Services (don't have a link, I'm afraid)

And, depending on what services of SharePoint you actually use, a Wiki may be a good substitute (such as MediaWiki)
I know this is an old and closed post, but I wanted to let people know about a new solution to integration GroupWise with SharePoint.  

Our company, Omni Technology Solutions, has developed a solution called Riva SharePoint Integration for GroupWise that transparently integrates SharePoint appointments, tasks, contacts lists, etc. into your  GroupWise account.  On October 3, 2008,  we announced the closed beta of Riva SharePoint Portal Integration for GroupWise.  This will allow you to add a SharePoint Web Part that displays a summary of the unread GroupWise email and opens GroupWise WebAccess directly from the Web Part without the user having to authenticate to GroupWise WebAccess.  To learn more about Riva and SharePoint Portal Integration for GroupWise, go to: or use our Contact Us page to submit your interest in testing Riva SharePoint Portal Integration for GroupWise.
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