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Hi Experts,

I have to send a CA install CD to one of our other sites, but I dont want give them the posibility to instal the "transfer to as/400" option.
does somone know what .CAB  file I have to remove to make this installation impossible????

(The version I will send them is CA 5.0)

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MurpheyApplication ConsultantAsked:
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tliottaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The iSeries Navigator Application Administration controls whether or not a user can run the transfer function from their PC to your AS/400. It doesn't change the authority on any of your AS/400 objects. In effect, it acts like an exit program.

Barry linked to tailoring an install image which was the "correct" answer.

If you attempt to remove a .CAB file or other object from the install without updating the install configuration, there's no way to predict what errors will be caused that might abort the install nor whether the install will complete with a working product. Even if we knew what .CAB _might_ be targeted, we couldn't make the install work with any reasonable guarantee. There probably are related objects that need to be changed. That's perhaps why IBM gave the tailored install option in the first place -- because it's not a straightforward process.

It wasn't clear that you were looking for help in getting around standard procedures without sufficient authority. Please understand that it can potentially put responders in a difficult position.

The best way to do this is to create a tailored installation image, which can exclude components and include things like a service pack:

Minor note (very minor)...

Excluding the option doesn't exclude the capability. As long as the host servers are accessible from the network, the capability remains. The capability can be stopped/blocked in at least three general ways:

1. Block connections to the port(s) via firewall (either on the network or using the native firewall).
2. Ensure that object authority and user profile settings inhibit such activity.
3. Exit programming for the host servers.

The reason this is "minor" is that few users would ever know how to get it done if the iSeries Access option isn't available.


p.s. This comment isn't for points. It's purely FYI.
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MurpheyApplication ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi Barry & Tom,

Yes I know about the tailored installation image, but it's to much work because they need it very fast
and I'm in the middle of a project.
And yes I know it is still possible to upload without this option, but I only want to make it not
to simple for the user overthere to be able to upload the stuff from Excel.
bij removing the right .CAB file, I will to force them to skip that part of the installation.
Some of our our local power users can upload data to the AS/400 so closing the port is no option.

Thanks anyway for your response.

An interface is available if (1) you are recent enough in your OS/400 and iSeries Access, and (2) you have enough authority.

Open up iSeries Navigator. Right-click on the iSeries that you want to administer and select <Application Administration> from the context menu. Select the 'Client Applications' tab. Expand the 'iSeries Access for Windows' tree. Expand 'Data Transfer'. Expand 'Upload to Server'.

Then have fun.

This can work very well, but it doesn't matter since you don't have much time. It's all you really have and it might be all you really need for this.


If time is of the essence, then consider sending them a Mochasoft 5250 emulation install. It has a small footprint, is easy to install, does not include data transfer, and can be used for now in demo mode. When you have time, you can then send them the tailored image
Like Tom said: prevent the users to upload data by setting the authority as needed thru iSeries Navigator. Preventing users from doing certain things should not be achieved by controlling what is installed on the users PC, as they could always log onto the system thru a different PC or maybe find a way to install the stuff anyways. Keep your security secure by maintaining it on the iSeries!
MurpheyApplication ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Yeah yeah yeah,
but that was not my question, the security is out of my hands.....
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