Can anyone tell me the best source for ink replacement cartridge..I have HP PSC750 all-in-one

Buying ink retail is so expensive, is there another alternative online that's trustworthy? I typically buy HP ink #15(black) and #78(color). Thanks in advance.
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My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:
I once bought some replacement for my HP printer too... and I wish I didn't, the printings came so pour, It ain't worth it... just my thoughts...
GeisrudSystems AdministratorCommented:
My vote is to buy an inexpensive laser printer.  Even colour lasers are coming down significantly in price.  Check here for one:
sheana11Author Commented:
Thanks Geisrud!
sheana11Author Commented:
Sorry, ctrost....thanks for the link and answering the question.  Geisrud, good idea, I'll give it some thought.
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