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NDR - E-mail account does not exist at the orgaization....

amofakham asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-05

Right this is my first post here so forgive me if i act all dumb'n'stuff!

Oaky - so we have an exchange server (2003 with SP3) running on our SBS 2003 server (yep i know its rubbish!).
and we seem to have two or three guys who are unable to email any of the guys in our company, they will allways receive an NDR stating that;

Your message

  To:      ******@My-Company.com
  Subject: Test Email to Training user
  Sent:    Tue, 31 Oct 2006 13:10:33 -0000

did not reach the following recipient(s):

*******@My-Company.com on Tue, 31 Oct 2006 13:10:36 -0000
    The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to.  Check the e-mail address, or contact the recipient directly to find out the correct address.
    <hesa06uker.he.local #5.1.1>

I currently know of three people who are unable to send to our organisation, from what I can gather all of them seem to be sending via a BT connections (heasxxuker.he.local). I have checked our Servers MX records, We have an RDNS entry setup, were not listed on any Spam lists, and  ive checked my IMF on my excahnge server, i do now have Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange setup since last Friday but this problem has been prsent for months.

I'm pretty stuck now as all the posts that i have seen relate to this issue beeing spam and spoofing, this are legitimate emails that were trying to receive, also I have checked MS and Google. No luck!

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Sorry just proof read its SP2!! what was that i said about being all dumb and stuff1 ;)
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The message means what it says - the server that the message was delivered to doesn't recognise the email address as being valid.

Reverse DNS etc plays no part in delivery of email to your server.

Put your domain name in to dnsreport.com and see if the email servers being listed are correct and that your Exchange server is being listed. If other people are receiving your email correctly and it is only this one sender who cannot then it is probably a problem at their end, not yours.



Simon Thanks for the quick reply.

My Mail server is listed in DNS report at a priority of 0.
With the DNSReport, (i take it im looking at the mail and mx sections.) it show up fine except on a couple of sections that can be resolved (eg no abuse address and no SPF Record)


As one of the people that are trying to email us is our MD i have been able to contact BT from that side and try to resolve the problem. They simply come back with 'we cannot find anything wrong with the email account our end, if you can email other people but not this one company then the problem is at their end...'
Need i say more?

So to add to the comments, the addresses are BT (btclick.com btconnect.com) and another wich is one of our clients (non BT email domain name)

Just reading through your answer Simon, its not us who get the NDR its them... We can sucsessfully send them emails but they cannot sent to use (new emails or replies)
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I have had a few run ins with BT before. As with all ISPs they claim their service is running fine and that the problem is with the recipient. Case closed, their stats look good.

Your NDR shows a .local domain being used, so it isn't BTs servers that is rejecting the message, but the server that is trying to send the email.
As the recipient, trying to diagnose the problem is almost impossible because the problem will almost certainly be with the sending server.
If your dns looks correct, and you are receiving email correctly, then the sending machine needs to be carefully checked to see whether it has any configuration issues or is using incorrect information. As the receiving party you cannot do any of that.



Simon, Thanks again for your comments and help.

How about if we look at the issue from the other end of the scale?
My MD, who is with BT is one of the guy's unable to send emails to us. I have an RDP session to his computer at home also all of his account details.
I have set up the same pop3 connection to his email here at work to test it and try and resolve the issue.

So, lets say Im trying to send this organisation an email through my BT pop3 email account, but every time I send it I get an NDR saying that the person does not exist but I know he does!

I must admit I thought that the replying server was a BT server as all three of the people who get NDR's get them from the servers listed below, and im guessing they all have a BT internet connection;


Any thoughts? and thanks in advance... :)
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If you have got it down to a problem with BT, then you need to look at whether BT is getting the correct server information from its DNS.

That means doing an NSLOOKUP to their DNS servers from a machine on their network.

For example... microsoft.com:

Default Server:  server.domain.co.uk

> set type=mx
> microsoft.com
Server:  server.domain.co.uk

Non-authoritative answer:

microsoft.com   MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = mailc.microsoft.com
microsoft.com   MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = maila.microsoft.com
microsoft.com   MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = mailb.microsoft.com

maila.microsoft.com     internet address =
maila.microsoft.com     internet address =
mailb.microsoft.com     internet address =
mailb.microsoft.com     internet address =
mailc.microsoft.com     internet address =
mailc.microsoft.com     internet address =

Compare the information that you get from BT with what everyone else gets - it should be the same. If it is not, then you can go to BT with it and ask them to sort it.


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Go into Active Directory and see if the users accounts are diabled.
Also go into Exchange System Manager and see if the users mailbox is disconnected or not.



Thanks guys for your input.
NITADMIN - All accounts are receiving emails and are not Disabled in AD and mailboxes are connected.
Sembee - I have just done the NS lookups from both the BT dns servers that are used at the remote location and they both resolve my mail server correctly.

from that im now thinking that maybe it could be our name servers? Im just getting onto the guys who host our name servers to see if this is where we are running into problems
Maybe its possible that our name server hosts are denying any traffic from btconnect? could this be?

anyway as soon as I get any update ill post it here (watch this space!)


Okay Guys thanks for all your help I think that the problem may be getting resolved now.

The issue seems to be that BT's DNS Team had our mail setup to be 'Mail Only' (all mail to be delivered locally to their servers) rather then 'Mail Relay' where it should relay any mail from their servers externally to our mail server.
so as a result anyone with a BTConnect account the mail would come from their server and try and be delivered to a mailbox on their server that doesnt exist.
I've spoken with BT who pretty much washed their hands of the issue just a few days ago and told them that my domain was authoritive on the mail servers and they have now rectified it. I clarified this by following a post found elsewhere the post follows

PS: ill award the points to SemBee as the answers received where the most help

it sounds like your domain is authoratative on the btconnect mail servers, you can confirm this by telnetting to;

ibmr.btconnect.com and testing delivery for an address at your domain anything other than relay access denied means your domain is on there.
the syntax from the command prompt will be;

telnet ibmr.btconnect.com 25
helo test
mail from: test@example.com
rcpt to: postmaster@yourdomain.com

if that is the case then you will need to contact bt connect to get your domain removed from their systems.

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