Monitor traffic on a Cisco 1600

We have a cisco 1600 router, all users connect through our ISA server, our exchange servers and web servers go through the cisco but are not behind the ISA.  We have a T1 that connects us to the outside world.  What I want to do is be able to see which servers are using our bandwidth and be able to generate reports on web usage.  I'm not opposed to buying a new router and or software.  
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NTOP is the program for you.

but you'll need to put an old hub between the router/firewall and the unmanaged switch...
No Netflow needed.
Hi bergertime,

If you can enable snmp on those systems then try Opmanager from AdventNet.


you can use Cacti -- rrdtool to graph all traffic and errors on any interface. It runs best on a sun box. I cann offer more info if you are interested.
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PRTG is quick and easy and free for one interface

MRTG is the defacto standard for free tool

I'm very partial to Solarwinds Orion and the Engineer's Toolsets

Neon Software to diagram/document/monitor your network

What's up gold:

I like the interface of Netcrunch:

Argus Sofware (looks just like What's UP Gold, only for Linux - and free)

Manage Engine by OpManager (can restart services on Windows servers)

Here's a link for free Win32 ports of NTOP, MRTG, Net-SNMP, Windump and NMAP
bergertimeAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the links,  I installed prtg and it is easy to use.  My problem was the same as mrtg, I can see my inbound and outbound traffic from my cisco router, but I would like to see where that traffic goes (exchange server, web server, ISA, AS400), all of my switches are unmanaged, so I cant do port mirroring.  I've read Netflow will show you where your traffic is coming from and going to, but my current router does not have Netflow.  There may not be a tool to do what I need, so I may have to get a new router that has Netflow.  I will try the rest of your links, but I did want to give some feedback.  I did like prtg for it's easy of use being network monitoring is not high on my list of crucial tasks.
bergertimeAuthor Commented:
Between PRTG and NTOP I can do everything I've dreamed of.  Thank you so much.

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