How to export GroupWise 6 address book and messages

We recently converted from NetWare 6 and GroupWise 6 to Windows Server 2003.  Since there were less than 10 users, and most email messages are not important after a few days, we used MailSaver to create text file copies of the existing mail messages just in case someone needed them.

Now, a week later, a few users have asked me to get their address book information, and old messages if it is not too much work.  (No comment here on moving from NetWare/GroupWise, it wasn't my choice.)

The MailSaver worked great for messages, and for a free download I was really impressed.  I now have the old server in my office, and can set up a client computer to access GroupWise.

Are there any simple ways to export the address book for each user, by logging in as that user and then running a utility?  If there is a way to export the mail messages as well, that would be great, but the address book is the primary goal at the moment.
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ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I do believe (this is working from memory) that the .NAB format is a comma-delimited file.  You should be able to import it into Excel and export it in the Outlook PAB format, if you can find the header and field type info for both.

I don't think the .NAB format changed between 6.0 and 6.5, so the requirement of GroupWise 6.5.3 and above is probably on the client side, for the api.  I don't know if it checks .dll versions to verify that you've got the 6.5.3 client installed or not.  Have you tried it, or are you going by the system requirements on the Toffa web page?

Sorry if that's not much help.

Regarding the WinXP Home thing, the problem is WinXP Home.  You aren't supposed to use it in any kind of a business network, period.  Microsoft will not support you connecting XP Home to a Win2K3 server.  Its networking features are deliberately crippled, so I'm not surprised at all that you're having problems with a product that uses networking functions.

The old Outlook Connector required the GroupWise client (or at least part of it) to be running, IIRC, to provide the "gateway" for the connector to let Outlook do its thing.  If it's not, then, Outlook will expect you to log in to GroupWise, and the connector will probably launch at least part of the GroupWise client to do that login.

If you want to, you can set up GWIA to provide IMAP access to Outlook "natively."  The IMAP POA access wasn't available in 6.0, which is why you'd need to use GWIA.  In order to use GWIA for internal IMAP access, you'd have to configure GWIA for "loopback" (not the same as - this is a Novell term, describing how to "loop back" the external interface of GWIA to an internal client.)  I don't know if that would give you anything more than IMAP mail access though.

Another option, don't know if you looked at it, is Advansys Formativ runtime.  The runtime is a free 30-day trial download, from here: and there are free Formativ applets available from the CoolSolutions website.  Look for the address book applets - one or more might be what you need:
If it works, then you should probably purchase the runtime licensing since it's kinda underhanded to use it and bolt. Buy it here: 
The pricing is not too bad - one user is $15 US, 2-9 users is $9 US each, 10-24 users is $4.50 each, 25-49 users $3.50 each.  For your situation (under 10 users) assuming 9 users it would cost a whopping $81 US to save you lots of work, if one of the free applets on coolsolutions does what you need.
ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The address book can be exported in NAB format, which is a specific delimited-text format.  If you know what the fields are, you should be able to figure out something.

As far as old messages, I assume that would be archives, and that depends on where the archives were stored, whether or not you can access them.  If you can, you should be able to unarchive them and then do the MailSaver thing again.

Of course, you'd have to log in as each user for each export.
floyd99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
there's a groupwise addressbook export/import utility that uses CSV - works a treat.

here's a link to the commercial version - i think you can download a trial version which may be enough.

i've never grabbed this, so if it doesn't work for you, post back and i'll email you the old freeware copy that they put out ages ago on coolsolutions.  I use it all the time.
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4RunnerBobAuthor Commented:
Thanks, floyd99.  I downloaded the eval, but it will only import up to 50 records at a time, adn up to 5 GroupWise fields.  Did the freeware version do better?
yes I think so.

throw me an email, remove the underscores..
4RunnerBobAuthor Commented:
I was able to export the address book in .NAB form, but how can I import the address book into Outlook?

As another option, I also configured Outlook 2003 on a WinXP Home PC, but keep getting the "Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close" message.  While this Send/Don't Send message is waiting for my response, I can see that the same mail messages are displayed (as I would see when the GroupWise 6 client is running).

If GroupWise is running, and also GWSync, then Outlook will connect just before the error.  Without GroupWise running, OutRage asks for the name/password for the user.

When we revisited to check for export software, it appears that the program requires GroupWise 6.5 or higher, and we are working with GroupWise 6.0 on this server.
4RunnerBobAuthor Commented:
Thanks to ShineOn and Floyd99, after trying the Toffa software, we had better luck using the "export group members to CSV.exe" applet from CoolSolutions, which ran fine with the Advansys Formative runtime.  ShineOn, we did pay for the license, since the software solved the problem.  It was a small price to pay.

Thanks again, ShineOn and Floyd99!
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