Server 2003 subdirectory will not open

Hi everybody. I have a 2003 server that is not in a domain, it's currently hosting websites and i noticed that one particular directory is not allowing me access to it. I try and open the directory and i get access denied.

I can browse to the directory and when I click properties it shows no size and only two tabs, general and customize.
I have been trying to push the permissions down from the folder above and it works for the other folders in the directory but not the 1 folder.  

I tried to replace permissions entries on all child objects.
I tried removing inherited permissions from parent to propagate.
I tried to take ownership.
I tried deleting the folder.
I tried attrib –R command in dos.

all these get me access denied.
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Shift-3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This appears to be the same as your question here:

You should post a 20-point pointer to the original question instead of creating a new one.

You might want to post in the Community Support forum and request that this be fixed.
Are you logged in as an Administrator?
Paul SDesktop Support Manager / Network AdministratorCommented:
Sounds like it is corrupt. I would run chkdsk. Can you take ownership of other folders ok?
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8eindustrialAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I am an Administrator. And I can't take ownership.
Try to take ownership in safe mode.
Try if any kind of lock folder software is installed and make sure that this folder is locked using these kind of softwares.

sorry make sure that this folder is not locked using these kind of softwares

typo error
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