cable molding kit

do you know where i can buy this in USA?
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAsked:
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simpswrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If that is the thingie you put on the floor and run cable thru it to keep folks from triping? . . I get them at Office Depot and Home Depot
Dean ChafeeConnect With a Mentor IT/InfoSec ManagerCommented:
This is widely available at hardware stores, electronics stores and the like. Also available online here for example:

phrank82Connect With a Mentor Commented:
take the cable that you want it to hold, and bring it with you to the hardware store.  then you'll be able to test whether you can squeeze it in.  most of these things have enough room for one network cable or one CATV cable
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAuthor Commented:
thank you, all:)
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