Extract Thumbnails from thumbs.db

Hello , Does any one have a Delphi CODE or a Component to Extract images from thumbs.db ???
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PAG_PromaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have a read through this.  There's some examples in there that has helped someone with the same question as you:

akhachabAuthor Commented:
already read that , i am looking for a Delphi Ready Component to use .
I dont think you'll find one.  I've looked before and not found anything.  You're going to have to rely on APIs I think.

If you do it, try making it into a component yourself and release it for everyone else to use.  What goes around, comes around, eh? :)
bernaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There is a C# library (under LGPL)  forreading thumb.db at http://www.petedavis.net/MySite/DynPageView.aspx?pageid=31 (with source code).

From the page:

There is only one class you need to use: ThumbDB.
The ThumbDB constructor takes a string with the full path and filename of the thumbs.db file you want to read.
public string[] GetThumbFiles()
public byte[] GetThumbData(string filename)
public Image GetThumbnailImage(string filename)


Maybe someone here can help you translate the whole from C# to delphi ...and maybe as said above release it for everyone else to use.

See also infos on thumbs.db file internals at http://vinetto.sourceforge.net/docs.html

Forced accept.

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