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PHPBB - Registration Form mod?

jqsolara asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
Is there any way to change the fields in a phpbb forum registration page, and then the administrator can see what the user put in all the fields via email before they approve them access to the forums?

I'd appreciate any help
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There are mods to add user profile fields depending on the version you are using. What version of phpBB are you running?

Also, on the requiring admin approval, I would create a single forum with posts about your requirements and other basic information and leave it set for public viewing. Create all other forums as private and assign permissions through groups. Assign each "approved" user to the appropriate group. That will help handle future changes where you might decide that you need more "special" groups with different access.



it is phpbb2 or whatever the latest version is

>>Is there any way to change the fields in a phpbb forum registration page, and then the administrator can see what the user put in all the fields via email before they approve them access to the forums?

no - phpBB forum is very complex and ive tried changing the registeration form once before for my personnel use and f*cked the complete registeration / approval up.

i have not came across a mod to allow me either..  but you you do please tell me by posting here...

Please check out this web application.

The .com will sell the VBulletin forum software.
The .org will supply you with all the mods your heart desires. If they don't have the mod you want, they can make it.
I find vBulletin the most versatile board software, plus once you learn it, you can mod it yourself sooo simple.


Vbulletin looks good. Just wondering if it's going to be worth purchasing for a gaming guild. Seems pretty expensive
I have a license I do not use.
You may contact me in person
kellycra (at) gmail (dot) com


kcraig (at) ucar (dot) edu

And I will put up a test install for you to play with; if you like it, then id suggest you buy your own copy.

I personally think VB is one of the best out there, for anything, sure its expensive, but god, it can be used for anything lol.

PS: I think its great.
Look at this site, they use it for gaming guild, and it rocks.



Ok so as far as forum registration, you are able to customize the fields and questions that new users have to fill in, as well as approve of their registration before they may enter and view/post the threads?

As far as that guildsforever.org guild application, it seems all they do is use the forums for people to post answers to questoins then they get reviewed and confirmed as members?

I'd rather have a system that lets people just fill out all that information in their forum registration, that way their forum registration and guild petition is the same thing, then an admin can review their info and accept/reject them.

It'd also be nice to have an automated acceptance/rejection letter sent to the new users email address.

I may be all over the map here but this stuff is important and I'm sure it's doable somehow, just haven't found the solution yet. I'm no programmer for these things either.
your using PHPBB to do guild applications?
You must be a fool.
(is a good way, no meanness intended)

Why not just make your own PHP page with forms, fields, and have it go into your own SQL database?
It would be fully customizable and probably easier to use than HPPBB for this type of thing.


>>I may be all over the map here but this stuff is important and I'm sure it's doable somehow

yes - by creating your own or paying a programmer to do it for you - its called getting a custom build system!

Any forums out there will not have everything you need or if they do, not 100% exactly the same.  am also doubtful that you 'll find a mod to do what your after to a forum registeration unless you either a) ask the developers or b) live with the default forum registeration page.

or c) like me - i'd create my own.. ;-)

Id be happy to make you a PHP/HTML page with a CSS (for wasy customization) that would input data into an SQL database from the fields you specify (with the ability to add mroe fields via an admin page) that could then list out applicants (in the admin page) with a accept/reject button which would accept the user and send an email or deny the user and send an email.

Let me know, but thats how I would go about it.



Well for instance, the default "Administrator must approve new user registration" feature is pretty much useless. All it does is send a notice to the admin that a new user is trying to sign up on the forum which includes only an activation link with no information on the user. I don't see how that feature is even useful in any situation.

But as far as approving a new member based on custom information the administrator requests and can review, I have yet to find any solution other than paying hundreds of dollars.
I just offered to make you a two page and one SQL database solution for freh.

what do you think about this idea:

continue using your PHPBB forum, but when users come to register, done use the PHPBB forum registration page.

edit all the code out of the PHPBB registration page and create your own register page with your required fields.

when user submits, insert their data into the PHPBB database like the real registration forum would do....



Taking on Jobs from users as a form of work for cash or no cash is not allowed by the rules of EE.
See, the fact is, im pretty sure he doesnt (at the moment) have the technical ability to pull something like that off ellandrd.
The interface with PHBB to the database after flashing the password, etc, is definitely complex and no job for a beginner/intermediate.
(no offense to the poster, I don't know your abilities so I am assuming).

Yes, in our world ellandrd that would be the solution, but we are crazy like that.



Kelly I'd greatly appreciate it a whole lot but I don't want that to be too much work for you. let me know what we can do. I have the links and server infor
"Taking on Jobs from users as a form of work for cash or no cash is not allowed by the rules of EE."
Grumpy today aren't we?
I know the rules well, its why I told him to contact me personally if he wanted help, aside from EE
-whaps the newb- Durrr..


I cannot in an official capacity on EE take the job, as posted above.
If that is the route you wish to take, use my profile page to talk with me, however, that is not the solution to this question and I cannot accept points from it.

Not the solution you were looking for? Getting a personalized solution is easy.

Ask the Experts


ok how can i talk with you on your profile page. should I just send you a gmail
Oi ve.
I said I could not accept the points. -.-

Note to EE Admin: You may delete this question and or revoke points given to me for it.

And if you wish to contact me, use my email.
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