Recover lost code

Hi experts,

My pc shut down over night after doing a windows update and i seem to have lost some work.

I was wondering if there was any chance this code could be somewhere on my pc stored as a temporary file?

I have visual studio 2002,


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Vaxman2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you hadn't saved the files to disk, there's not much chance of recovering the data.. If you added a new file to the project and it's not there now, then you should be looking in the project folder for any possible recoverable files.
You could try checking for the files with this freeware utility I have used in the past:
TommyTwoPintsAuthor Commented:
What files would i be looking for? The project is still there but the code i added is not. I was wondering if there was any temporary files that might contain this code?
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