Need to add a class for an add in i'm writing

Hi there

I'm writing an add in and wanted to know if there was a way in the code i can add a class file in and put it in the project folder

i choose

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melmersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
       So here is an Example with an StreamWriter and a Textbuilder.

        Dim myNewSB As New System.Text.StringBuilder
        myNewSB.AppendLine("Write to File")
        Dim myWriterStream As New System.IO.FileStream("c:\Test.vb", IO.FileMode.Create)
        Dim myTextWriter As New System.IO.StreamWriter(myWriterStream)
if you right click on your project in the solution explorer and say add existing, browse to your class file and add it. It should copy that file into your projects folder and thus be added.

davomanAuthor Commented:
no sorry i mean doing it in code

Ie when the add in runs as part of it i want a class file to be brought in , in a specific  folder

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i dont believe you can do this because you need to have the reference of this file at runtime due to the JIT compiler.
davomanAuthor Commented:
buts an add in that is adding a file into another project which is being worked on at the time, I can add all the class code through a builder i just need to be able to add the file
Do you want to add the sourcecode to your project or the compiled assembly to be used by your software ?
davomanAuthor Commented:
Basically I have created an add in that constructs a whole load of code depending on the developers requirements.

for example

Imports SYSTEM.Data.SQLclient
Public Class  Test

    PRivate _number as integer

Public Propertye number() as integer
      Return _number

end Property

This code is built up in a string builder from a form where the developer has put in what they want to be as part of a class.

Then the developer says ok and at the moment all the code is written to a class file  that the developer has already created. What I am looking for is the code iwhich I can use to add the class file in and then write the output i have in the string builder. In other words so the developer does not have to add the class file


END Class
So that i understand you right, you need an example for write your stingbuilder content into an existing file. Should all content of the old class file be
overwritten ? In which environment runs your addin VS2003 or VS2005 ?
davomanAuthor Commented:
its 2005

no sorr,y all i need is to be able to create the .vb file (I can do it fine with an eisting file)

"Then the developer says ok and at the moment all the code is written to a class file  that the developer has already created. "

I simply need to know how to create the physical .vb file in code so i then can write to it

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