pc gettin stuck

my pc is gettin freezed
i change the hard disk and reinstal OS, doesnt help
wat might be, when i unplug from network its ok,
wat might be the problem?
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>  my pc is gettin freezed   <<   what PC? some info please
you should check if your cpu is not getting hot first; chek it in the bios, and check if all fans are running normally
then you can run some tests, i suggest to download the ubcd, and boot from it.
Then run the memtest86+ for Ram testing, and the manufacturers utility for disk testing.
but it should help if you told us when it freezes :
  at boot
  with a certain program,
  after what time

remember we have no crystal ball here, and only see what you post
what kind of network are you unpluging from?
A domain?
try uninstalling the netwk card, then physically pull it out, clean the contacts, then reinsert, reboot & reinstall drivers.
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the freez system usually relating to memory problems, but if your problem solve when you unpluged from the internet so try to replace you netwrok card and try it again
Check your network adapter in Device Manager - any "!" or "?" signs?
Right click the adapter and select "uninstall", then click on the "action" tab and choose "scan for hardware changes"...

If your ethernet port is on board (i.e. embedded as part of your motherboard) try installing a PCI card - but make sure you disable the onboard NIC first.
ammadeyyAuthor Commented:
the network card i was using a built in one,
i have disabled that one, and install a a netgear PCI card
installed drivers, configure IP address
this time, its not freezing but cannot send and recieve is 0 (cannot access to network)

but if i use the built in one, i can access network but it freezes after a while

netgear card is new one installed drivers usin the cd provided
does it also freeze when you do not try to access the network ?
don't configure ip addr, let it detect automatically using dhcp, from i assume your router, otherwise straight from the isp's modem

do:  start - run - cmd - ipconfig /all
list here the results
try to clone your settings from the old (built in card) with the new one, maybe you miss something,
try to let it obtain the ip if you have a DHCP on the network
make sure that the IP/subnet is in the same range as your workgroup (netwrok)
try to ping any pc in the network and past the result here (in the next post)
ammadeyyAuthor Commented:
i change the motherboard and processor (same model as previous)
and with same ip settings it works fine
see here for info on closing
so you have a bad network card. try to change it
don't see how chking for cpu heat or testing ram equals the same thing a replacing the mobo & cpu.  paq/refund
The tests nobus suggested would also show if the mainboard is broken and needs replacement. Besides, replacing the board could also ensure that the CPU and heatsink are fitted correctly on the new board and don't get too hot anymore (possibly the old board is still OK?).
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