How to use a credfit card payment on a webpage

I want to create a webpage on which a service is offered.
I would like to offer the visitors the option of paying with their credit card.
I know how to use HTML programming but I am not sure how to go about creating such an option.
Can somebody explain to me everything I have to do to produce such a page?

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First you need an online merchant account to receive a payment with credit card. There are various merchant account you can open, the fee and service types are also vary. Here are some popular merchant account providers.

Once you have your merchant account setup you have to find what kind of integration you are looking for. Shopping Carts or actual online store, etc. Each merchant providers offer different method of integration and they give you instructions to how.

Hope this helps.
Additionally, you need to consider data security.  While many payment providers have secure all-in-one solutions available, some require data to be posted from a form on your site.  Be sure that you use an SSL connection (https) for any page on which users are required to enter sensitive data (card number, etc).  
It depends on what country you are in...  What country are you in?

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aloesvAuthor Commented:
From Canada
You can check out BeanStream, Paymentech, Moneris and PSIGate

I wud also recommend : 

Also if you would like to receive money direct to your debit card then try

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