Alerts (Email, IM, etc....)

I run a youth basketball league and we want to be able to set up an alert system to notify parents when gyms are closed due to weather etc...

We do Emails today using CDONTS or CDOSYS but how can we send out TXT messsages or pager beeps?

This would be done in ASP

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WMIFConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i gave you links to 3 above and here is another page with more:

teleflip seems to be a popular one.
See this document, on the right is an example of sending a text message via your ASP page. Its really simple.

These services will be at a cost, some SMS gateways will cost you between £0.05 and £0.10 per tet message. These have to be pre-purchased.

I have never found a free one.

There is a lot of suppliers, check out google results:

Good luck,

you have another option for text messaging people.  it depends on if the mobile phone provider allows it, but you can use their mobile number including area code @ a certain domain for texting.  for instance, verizon has for their mobile phones.  send an email to will get the message to the phone with a phone number (123) 456-7890.  there are several services that offer a service like this for free to all carriers as well.  you can find the list of carriers and other services on this wiki page:
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i'm in total aggreement with WMIF

my boss and I have alerts sent to my cell phone, and his beeper by shooting it out as an email to our number@ourprovider

in our case it's

most mobile sevices now have some sort of texting plan
pinkstonmAuthor Commented:
I know that from a service like AIM I can text message +19995551212 and get a message through to a phone but not sure how to do that from ASP
you send an email to an address in the format i gave you above. will go to a phone on the verizon network with the number (123) 456-7890.  this is much easier than worrying about sms because its just a simple email.
pinkstonmAuthor Commented:
But that is just for verizon folks

There has to be a unversal way to send text msgs
read through the first comment that i made and you will see a link that lists all the carriers and several free services that relay to the carriers.
the carriers:
Alltel Wireless 
AT&T Wireless 
Cellular One (Dobson) (the "Send a text message to any other wireless phone" link)
Nextel (SMS) (Rich Messaging)
Sprint PCS 
Virgin Mobile Canada
Virgin Mobile U.S.A.
Vodacom South Africa (registration required)
Rogers (Canada) 
Bell (Canada) 
Free third-party Email to SMS gateways:

FREE SMS (Free WorldWide SMS)
Teleflip (North American carriers)
Free Text Message (Free SMS to UK and Worldwide)
I absolutely agree with WMIF too!

I have this implemented on our website so that I know anytime that a person wants to make a reservation at our ranch.  There isn't any cost to me for "incoming" text messages.  only outgoing.

excellant list of links WMIF!
pinkstonmAuthor Commented:
SO my last question is do you have to do it for each carrier? or is there an option to handle all carriers?
I have yet to find a reliable free service... hence why i use pay-as-you-go HTTP services, i hope you manage to find one.
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