How do I get a reference to the active child of my MDI parent?

Should be simple, can't seem to find the property.  Thanks!

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Ravi SinghConnect With a Mentor Senior Software EngineerCommented:
Hi, you can refer to the active child like below (from the parent):

riceman0Author Commented:

Doh!  That didn't show up in Intellisense until I changed the tab from "Common" to "All".  

Follow-on question, what is the difference between those two tabs?  Does it mean "commonly used?"  or something more technical?  If the latter, is it Microsoft's classification, or is it dynamic somehow?
riceman0Author Commented:

Doh again... I meant "if the former."  I need a nap.
riceman0Author Commented:

Another follow on question, is there a property of the child window that will tell you if it is the active child window?

And is there a VB.NET equivalent to ZOrder?

(just asking while I have your attention, in case you know offhand; not trying to piggyback questions...  thanks!)
Ravi SinghSenior Software EngineerCommented:

Yes the intellisense Common tab just shows the commonly used methods/properties/events. I don't think its dynamic, just a predefined classification.

You can check if the current MDI child form is the active form like:

If Me.MdiParent.ActiveMdiChild Is Me Then
End If

I'm not sure on the ZOrder question, sorry!

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