Received email that invited users to play bingo & is mass emailing - need Blackberry help also; the email was opened on a Blackberry

This is a 2-part question.  The user received an email inviting her to play bingo.  It was received thru her Blackberry and opened there.  Ultimately, their entire Windows Server 2003 network was infected and her email began sending out hundreds of email to everyone in her address book.  We ran Norton, BitDefender, Trend Micro, Panda & Microsoft Malicious Scanner and thought we got everything.  All was quiet for 2 weeks.  Then today, vendors and customers are complaining they are getting emails from this person again...but she hasn't sent them anything recently.

1.  Does anyone know how I can make sure the Blackberry didn't re-activate the email, even though we already cleaned the network and removed the original email?

2.  Has anyone else dealt with this particular "bingo" email.  I am including the link, so if you've seen it, you can help me clean & stop this mess ...but PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

The original email received:

Subject: Did you get the link?

Sent you an invitation to come play bingo, did you get it?
Here it is again


Thank you for your assistance.
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cdnq8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
yah this is a common thing with Email bombers, this software directly start sending mails, well in a simple way if its a co. email than better disable it, n than u start removing temporary files and internet temporary files on user computer but in safe mode, after that delete the deleted items in the deleted folder if u r using MS outlook, and better check if Windows is updated,well i prefer to scan the system with Adware pro and spybot together and hopefully it removes the dirt of the system, but in your case if nothing works still you should rebuild your system because this is creating a bad impression on email recievers, well this what i suggest.

phototropicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The october bingo site exists as a supposed interactive game site. This blog contains some screen shots:

KPMcCordAuthor Commented:
In our case, the email that originally came in to the user started sending itself to everyone on her address book anywhere from 5 to 100's of times.  There must have been more to the email she got than just what is referenced on the blog you mentioned.  Thank for the info, though.
MnfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i followed this link, but my anitvius didn't catch anything.
and i didn't notice anything strange.
anyway try to download and use spybot, it is free/usefull utililty to scan your pc from spyware and virus, try it
KPMcCordAuthor Commented:
We ended up backing up the computer & restoring it since w had already tried spybot & 3 different virus online scans.  Thank you for the suggestion.
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