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Hello experts,

I have been given a Nortel 8610 Switch. I have the username/password to access it via telnet but I need to change the password and I dont know how, This also goes for some Nortel Baystack switches (470-48).

I have tried looking everywhere for the commands to change the password but have been unlucky.

Also, the web interface of the switches seems to have a different password from the telnet one. it would be greatly appreciated if anyone knows the default password for this web interface.

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On the passport: in the cli, you type config cli password.  Then, you would specify the username and password as illustrated below.

8600:5/config/cli/password# ?

Current Context:

    access-level <access-level> <enable|disable>
    aging <days>
    l1 <username> [<password>]
    l2 <username>
    l3 <username> [<password>]
    l4admin     <username>
    l4oper      <username>
    oper        <username>
    ro <username> [<password>]
    rw <username> [<password>]
    rwa <username> [<password>]
    slbadmin    <username>
    slboper     <username>
    ssladmin    <username>

Assuming the 470 is menu driven like a 450, then from the main menu, choose console, comm port.  There, you can change the passwords as illustrated below:

 Console Switch Password Type:         [ Local Password        ]
 Console Stack Password Type:          [ Local Password        ]
 TELNET Switch Password Type:          [ Local Password        ]
 TELNET Stack Password Type:           [ Local Password        ]
 Console Read-Only Switch Password:    [ user ]
 Console Read-Write Switch Password:   [ changeMe]
 Console Read-Only Stack Password:     [ *************** ]
 Console Read-Write Stack Password:    [ *************** ]
We have 8600's (8610).  Connect a console cable and make sure it works.  Reboot the switch.  Interrupt the boot to get into boot monitor mode.  When you're in boot monitor mode, type ?.  There is an option to reset the password to default.  The default admin password is RWA.

Not sure about the procedure for the 470's.  For older 450's, you HAVE to call Nortel.  The backdoor password on the 450's is based on a hash on the MAC address.  I have looked on the net, but have not seen a tool to recover that password anywhere.

I think the web password is RWA also.  Not sure, don't ever use it.
NaujAuthor Commented:
Im sorry, I forgot to mention that the user/pwds I have are the defaults, this is why I must change these default passwords.

Thanks for the info though pseudocyber.
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NaujAuthor Commented:
Raised question points to 500

Any links so I can see the Nortel password change commands will do. . .
NaujAuthor Commented:
Thanks pseudocyber, I really appreciate it.

- Nauj
You're welcome.  Nice to have this esoteric Nortel knowledge come into some use sometimes ;)
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