Changing text and color of a gif.

Hi Experts,
Can any one tel me how do can i change the text as well as the color of the gif image.(More importantly how do i change the text of the gif image)

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Hi, mavgun,

I'm afraid the quick answer is the text in a GIF is not really text.  It's a pictorial representation of the text.  In order to change text, you need to have a layered file and the text must be on a text layer.  So, there really is not text to edit/change in a GIF file (or a JPG file for that matter).


If you can, host the file somewhere and put a link here for us to see it ... maybe we can figure something out
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You would have to change it in Photoshop. Write new text over the old text.

Colour can also be change in Photoshop via a number of methods. Depends on what the image is but for a starters you can try experimenting with

image > adjust > replace colour
image > adjust > hue/saturation
In the future, when you know you will have to convert to gif, build the original as a layered psd and once you are finished, you can save for web or save as a gif. Save for web gives you some visual options. Click on four-up in the preview box.
There really is a way to do this but it will take some time depending on how much skilled you are with the Clone Tool. Do this:

1) Open your gif file in Photoshop.
2) Press CTRL + A
3) Press CTRL + C
4) Close your gif file
5) Go to File -> New, click Ok
6) Press CTRL + V

Now grab the clone tool and copy some surrounding part where the text is. Now start replacing the texts with your cloned parts. It will take some time will get  rid of the text completely.

Now simply grab the type tool, type your new text with your desired colored etc...
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